HardSoft’s Custom Built PCs are Back!

12th February 2018
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HardSoft is proud to introduce it’s brand new HSi range of Custom Built, Bespoke PC’s.
With countless software developers moving on from the previous generation of hardware specifications, their consumer base has been left with a new and often intimidating list of recommended spec.

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Check out our smallest ever Custom Built HSi

Following the advent of Intel’s new; 8th generation processors released back in August 2017 and the influx of recent consumer demand for VR and AR ushering in a new era of software and content design. There is an abrupt and real strain being placed on development and consumer hardware.
Ensuring our business and way of thinking is malleable enough to suit our customers’ needs has always been a benchmark operating standard we’ve always set ourselves at HardSoft.
We pride ourselves on offering more than just a product. Regardless of order size our three-year warranty and technical support are available free of charge on all of our leases to ensure that we build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients.
Along with offering a premier warranty service, we form a real and lengthy relationship with our customers. This relationship gives us the opportunity to get real-time feedback, which gives us an in-depth data set to directly analyze feedback and identify exactly what consumers want and what our customers need.
With the upward spiral of popularity in; Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 4k media in 2017 we have seen ‘Booms’ in demand for; VR/AR ready setups, high-end monitors and a series of computers ready to tackle the next level of recommended software specification from popular developers like; AutoCAD, Adobe and Autodesk to name but a few. Why not check out our VR/AR ready Custom built HSi here!

“What does this all mean? With a new generation of processing power available to developers and consumers alike. Older hardware, especially out of the box products, are at times struggling to keep up with the specificity and array of a totally new set of demands”.

Which is why we introduced our new HSi range, all built with these recent revelations in mind. We’ve assembled some of the best PC components available, which, when coupled with our online or over the phone sales team ensures you have both the freedom to choose a powerful, up to date configuration that suits you, and makes sure you have the necessary direction/information available to make an informed choice about what you and your business need.
The HSi Software Specific Range which; built of the same exceptional quality components have been optimized by HardSoft to perform a specific software-based task set. Taking into account and often excelling each developer’s unique, recommended specifications. To ensure you get the most out of your software, always.

Autodesk Ready HSi Configuration.
Check out our Software Ready Range!

All of our CPU’s are fitted with the 8th generation of i7 Intel processors. These new chips are designed to handle the new gen of hardware requirements like 4K video, VR, 3D, and other recent innovations on a platform-wide level. After their architectural rework from the classic Kaby Lake architecture to fit in the new 14++ (Coffee Lake) and 10nm (Cannon Lake).
16GB is our minimum spec of included RAM. This is because, now, instead of the previously typical 8GB recommended for the popular creative programs like Adobe Creative Suite. Ram requirements jump drastically to 16GB (or more) when dealing with most popular VR development programs like; AutoDesk Maya 2018 and popular open source software like Blender.
All of these components are encased within the Corsair Obsidian 750D- Airflow Edition Full Tower making your new machine not only look impressive but also makes sure none of these powerful components overheat. Overlooking heating conduction issues is commonplace with out of the box products, but not with our HSi range which is installed by one of our trained technicians free of charge.