HardSoft Renewal

4th June 2012
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It has been a big push on Renewals here at HardSoft this week! So, what are they and how do they work? Probably the best part of a HardSoft Flexible Finance Lease is the ability to Renew the lease to the latest kit while not out with the oldpaying for the first lease when you do.
It has also never been better with the introduction of trade in’s which means you can now do a straight swap of kit and give back your old machine to get a discount on the new lease going forward. This is of course not your only choice (it isn’t called flexi lease for nothing) you can upgrade to any new kit of your choice while keeping all the old equipment.
Let’s run you through the reality of this process with a few examples of our latest renewals this month…
One Customer currently pays £10.80 + Vat per week for a 13” MacBook Pro, he has had this lease now for just over 2 years, he can get the latest 13” for £9.90 + Vat per week by RETURNING his old MacBook Pro, this has allowed him to get the latest kit and reduce his monthly expense.
Another Customer has opted to take 2 new Apple iMac 21.5” Machines with an Adobe CS6 upgrade from his previous CS4, as part of this he RETAINS his old MacBook Pro’s and that original CS4 License for Adobe. What has this cost him for 4 Machines with the latest Adobe you ask? Well, his Previous payment was £37.75 + Vat per week and he now Pays £41.30 + Vat per week… an increase of only £3.55 + Vat per week.
If you want to know more about a lease with HardSoft give us a call and if you think that all important Renewal is due why not ask me and we can get you a quote. Email ryan@hardsoft.co.uk for further details.
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