Flexible computer leasing and how it could work for your business

4th February 2014
devices for teams by HardSoft - DaaS without Faff

Have you ever invested in a new computer for your business, only to realise before the warranty is even up that it’s out of date and that in order for your business to function to its full capabilities, you need to invest in further leasing computersequipment? We’ve all been there, it seems as if technology goes out of date almost as soon as you’ve set it up in your office and trained your staff on how to use it.
We at HardSoft are sympathetic to your plight, which is why our flexible leasing solutions allows your business to keep up to date with the fast moving world of technology. Whether it be PC or Mac that you require, HardSoft are able to meet your needs. For example, a Windows PC like the HP ProDesk 400 starts at just £7.25 + VAT per week with a 22” monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business edition. If you are an Apple Mac User, then as an Apple Authorised Reseller, HardSoft can supply your business with Apple Macs also. With both the 21.5” and 27” iMacs available and starting at just £10.30 + VAT per week, you could modernise your business without forking out a lump sum today !
lease the mac proIf you are an Apple Mac ‘geek’ and get excited over new technology (like we do) maybe the new Apple Mac Pro is for you? With it’s fantastic new design and features, the Mac Pro starts at £21.60 + VAT per week on a flexible lease from HardSoft.
Although our standard leases are typically three years long, we do give our clients the option to renew your lease for a further three years when you are only two years in, and get the latest technology that is ideal for your needs. Just to detail the reality of our flexibility …after 24 months you can RETURN the equipment and cancel.. Or can RENEW into a new agreement in much the same way as a mobile phone contract….. We will contact you and offer you the equivalent equipment at a similar cost per month. You have the option to RETAIN the equipment at the expiry of the lease for a one off fee of £1 to pay. This gives you the opportunity to expand your business at the rate that is right for you and your clients, without being restricted by costs and access to the latest technology possible.
Don’t want to renew, or don’t need the latest technology straight away? We won’t forget about you. If you want to stick with the three year lease without changing your equipment part way through, we give you the option to either buy the equipment for £1 when the lease ends.
So, if you are an Apple Mac or PC user and your business is expanding faster than you expected, why not contact HardSoft today and stay in touch with technology. Contact our friendly sales team on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk.