Hardsoft Computers’ Carbon Offset Project Updates

23rd March 2023
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If you are considering leasing computer equipment with Hardsoft, or are already a client of ours, you might have heard us mention carbon offsetting or read about it on our website.

Carbon offsetting, green computing, and eco-recycling are all concepts that you will encounter in our leasing solutions.

You might have noticed our Devices For Greener Teams solutions, or our focus on repurposing and safe recycling of old hardware to reduce e-waste.

Hardsoft has been taking a major interest in green and sustainable computing for a long while. We are continuing to develop more environmentally friendly methods for our own operations and solutions for our customers.

This is because we are committed to making computer hardware more ethical and practical.

Being eco-aware and instigating green practices isn’t merely an ethical stance anymore. It is very much a practical and logical response from businesses. With global temperatures rising, extreme weather conditions, and increasing health issues from pollution, climate change and greenhouse gasses are a fact we must face.

The government has set 2050 as a target for reaching netzero emissions for the country. There have even been whispers of a potential future carbon tax on companies. Therefore, setting up green practices, particularly around emission reduction is a smart, strategy choice for any proactive business.

Hardsoft has created several practices and solutions to help our clients be greener with their computing hardware:

  • Greener devices
  • Greener component recycling
  • Repurposing instead of replacing
  • Streamlined logistics
  • Greener packaging
  • Carbon offsetting schemes
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All of these go into making us carbon-neutral and helping our clients do so too.

Helping our clients offset their carbon footprint takes a weight off their ‘to-do’ list. It enables businesses to remain compliant, as legislation is constantly changing regarding emissions, and ensures they are more environmentally friendly in a cost-effective way.

How Does Hardsoft’s Carbon Offsetting Work?

By paying only an extra 3% with your leasing solution, Hardsoft will offset the carbon emissions of your devices.

When you opt into our carbon offsetting scheme, all your devices will automatically have their emissions offset.

You will receive carbon credits to demonstrate the amount of CO2 that you have offset with your investment.

The result is that your business can have the benefits of high-quality computer hardware but simultaneously negate the emissions of their computing.

The emissions caused by the production and the calculated usage of the devices will be counterbalanced by your money being invested into emission reduction projects.

These projects carry out work that actively reduces emissions and the CO2 in our atmosphere.

What Types Of Carbon Offsetting Projects Are Available & How Do They Work?

There are a variety of carbon offset projects and it’s helpful to know where your money is going and how it helps the environment.

There are, in fact, five main types of emissions offsetting projects:

  • Forestry and Conservation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Community Projects
  • Waste to Energy Projects
  • Emission Capturing
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Forestry – Some of the most common projects you will encounter are carbon offset forestry projects.

This is due to tree planting being one of the core ways that CO2 is extracted from the atmosphere.

Deforestation is one of the biggest contributors to emissions even though logging without fire clearing doesn’t directly release CO2.

Carbon is mainly released into our atmosphere to cause harmful global warming by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas.

Yet deforestation is a part of the problem since trees take in CO2 and release oxygen.

Without vast forest coverage on the planet, it is harder to reabsorb harmful CO2. This is why carbon offset tree planting is such a popular carbon offsetting project.

Carbon offset tree planting is important but other projects like renewable energy are crucial.

Renewable Energy – Carbon offset forestry projects do a lot to combat emissions, but renewable energy solves emissions on a different front.

Greenhouse gases may be dangerous for our continued existence but people and businesses still require heat and energy to stay warm, cook food, and power their lives and livelihoods.

Investments in renewable energy like solar and wind will eliminate the need to continue using dangerous fossil fuels and provide the best long term solution to emissions.

Community Projects – In many situations, communities cause emissions through no fault of their own. They are limited to using certain products to help their lives. By working to improve technology in these communities, we can help lower emissions. A good example is clean water initiatives to create safe drinking water without the need to boil water on stoves that release emissions.

Waste to Energy – Capturing methane and converting it into energy is one example of turning waste into energy without producing more emissions. It is a great way to solve two problems at once just as with renewable energy.

Emission Capturing – Emission Capturing is quite different from Waste to Energy. It involves capturing emissions as they are released and storing them under geological formations, so they are safe from damaging the atmosphere.

Which Offset Project Will Your Money Be Invested Into?

When it comes to offsetting your business’s computing carbon footprint, Hardsoft has chosen renewable energy investment.

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Not, just any renewable energy. Your extra 3% will offset your emissions by investing in the construction of wind farming projects in northeast Brazil.

Why Did We Choose Wind Farms In Brazil?

Wind power is one of the most effective and reliable renewable energy sources. It is emission-free and will limit global warming while ensuring we all have power.

We choose this project because it has

  • Direct emission reduction benefit
  • Power production
  • Community element

It will help create jobs in northeast Brazil in a sustainable industry. It will provide clean power to the states of Piaui and Pernambuco. The investment will also bring education and new infrastructure to the local communities. It, therefore, has environmental, social, and economic advantages. Thanks to the initiative’s multiple, wide-ranging benefits for people and the environment, Hardsoft chose it as our investment project for carbon offsetting.

By helping our clients offset their computer hardware carbon footprint by funding this project, even more good can come from it and fewer emissions. We’re very proud for this to be our chosen carbon offsetting project.