HardSoft Competition Time – We Want to See Your Oldest Working Tech!

16th March 2018
Group standing and looking at laptop

Our MDs, Andrew and Phil, started out building PCs over 30 years ago (they are the fresh-faced boys in the cover image!) and we recently had a customer bring in a custom built PC which they had made for them in 1984, which just needed a quick repair but it was still going strong!competition-time
This got us thinking about the oldest tech our customers have which they are still using regularly. At around the same time we also came across a company – My Face on a Figure – that will make action figures with your face on! So, what better way to combine these two things, than to have a HardSoft competition?
All you need to do is tweet us at @HardSoft_ (don’t forget to mention us so we see it!) or email info@hardsoft.co.uk with a photo of yourself with your oldest bit of technology, telling us what it is and how old it is. We’ll then pick the oldest one and arrange for an action figure to be made of you – or the person of your choice. You may want to be nice and get one of your child, partner, whoever!
There are, of course, some terms and conditions for this competition:
1. Only 1 entry per company/individual
2. No photo-shopped images! Any that we think have been will be disqualified.
3. All entries must be received by 5.30pm on Monday 30th April 2018.