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Office computers are part of the furniture, and many companies think that buying outright is the only way to get the IT equipment they need. When we explain our simple leasing service, though, they tell us that leasing is a no-brainer.

So, how does leasing work? Let’s look at some of the typical FAQ’s questions we’re asked when businesses approach us for a leased computer.

What is a lease?

A lease is a fixed term agreement that lets you rent the equipment you need. You might tried business car leasing, which is simply a long-term rental agreement on a brand new model. Hardsoft’s computer leasing works in a similar way; we lease brand new, top of the range laptops, desktops, printers and mobile devices. Credit is available to established businesses and startups alike.

What’s the difference between a lease and buying on a credit card?oldmac

With a business credit card, you can buy expensive items and repay them over time. You have a fixed amount of credit that exceeds the purchase amount, and your bank will keep an eye on your spending. Credit cards are very convenient, assuming you can actually get one, but the main danger is the open-ended term. A credit card can lead to extended borrowing, and interest rates can be astronomical on business accounts.

With leasing, you only borrow what you need, and you know exactly when you’ll be paying it back. The payments are fixed and regular, and you get extra benefits, like support.

Why lease a computer instead of buying it?

Leasing a computer lets you get hold of the specification you need without the huge upfront spend of a cash purchase. It means obtaining top notch IT equipment without having to compromise because of your cashflow. Leasing also makes sense for small businesses, because the instalments are predictable. In addition, you get 100 per cent tax relief on the price.

How long am I tied in for?

Hardsoft’s lease agreements last for two years, with the option of extending to three.

After two years, you can return the computer and stop paying the lease. If you meet your repayments for three years, you have the option to buy the computer and keep it.

Can’t I keep the computer? I’ve paid for it!

One of the main criticisms of car leasing is that you pay for something you never own, and you have to give it back at the end of the term. We’ve changed that. With Hardsoft, once you’ve paid all of your instalments over three years – and providing your account with us is in good standing – we’ll give you the option to buy the computer for just £1.

How do I pay the instalments on the lease?

We’ll work with you to set up a direct debit agreement and complete the administration. If you’re outside the UK, contact us to arrange an alternative payment option. Note: if you already have a Mac, you could trade it in to lower the cost of your new, leased equipment. Payments can be made Monthly or Quarterly.

What else do I get when I lease?

Hardsoft gives you the option of leasing printers to go with your computers. You also get a 3 year Collect and Return warranty, with Hardsoft support included in the lease price. We’ve been an authorised Apple reseller for more than two decades, so you can trust us to give you the right help and advice when it matters most.

 What if my leased computer breaks?Flames in the office

Under the terms of your warranty, we will collect your computer, arrange for it to be repaired and then return it to you. If you chose to upgrade your warranty        for a small extra fee, we will also provide a loan computer while yours is in for repair. All for three years.

What if it’s stolen?

For an extra fee, you can purchase insurance that covers all risks and the full value of your computer. This kind of cover is difficult to come by. We highly recommend this for complete peace of mind.

What if I want a new computer?

Hardsoft lets you upgrade your equipment after a certain amount of time, and we’ll give you credit towards the new one. That means you never have to be stuck with an old model that no longer meets your needs. Find out more about upgrades here.

Isn’t it all a bit complicated?

Not at all! Our flexi-lease is designed for your convenience. Use our live chat to discuss your options, or give us a ring and speak to one of our sales team. We won’t pressure you into buying anything, but we’re confident you’ll want to know more.


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