What happens at the end of your lease? We explain your options

2nd September 2020
Woman with selection of IT devices

Over the years we’ve developed some great lease solutions for our business customers.

Essentially they split into two options, our Flexi-Lease and our Pure-Rental solutions, here we explain what happens at the end of your lease.


Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own

At the end of three years with a Flexi-Lease from HardSoft, you get the option to keep the kit for a very nominal £1. You also get the option to continue to lease the equipment with a discount of 50%, and we still include our technical support. You can sell the equipment back to us as option three, and we’ll give you a decent price for the kit, particularly Mac kit. And the fourth option is you can return the kit. If you no longer have use of the equipment, we’ll collect and dispose of it and provide the natural waste certificates for it. And the great option, number five, is obviously the one we would like to do, which is to renew the kit.


Pure rental solution

Pure-Rental from HardSoft is different in terms of the options to finish the agreement. There are four options instead of five, the main one being number one, you can renew the kit which we’d like you to do! Number two is you simply return the kit. You have no right of ownership on this agreement, so you can just return the equipment to us. If you do want to retain the kit, then option three is to buy it and your purchase price will be fair market value that we agree. And the last option, number four, if you still have use for the equipment, then you can continue paying at a reduced rate of 50%, again as per our Flex-Lease, and you retain our technical support.

These are all the options available to you at the end of your lease. If you have any queries regarding your options please contact our team and they will be able to help you. Call 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk