Flexi-12: A new Mac Leasing Solution for the New World

4th May 2020
HardSoft's new Flexi-12 Lease Option

Cancellable, flexible, with less commitment. Designed for the post-coronavirus challenge.

HardSoft’s popular Flexi-Lease gives you all the options to CHANGECONTINUE, or CANCEL two years into your 3-year lease, as well as the HardSoft service wrapper that keeps you secure and supported throughout. But with uncertain times brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we realise that some businesses may feel that committing to a 3-year lease right now is just too much.

And so, Flexi-12 was created to allow business customers to access the latest high specification tech over a shorter period of time! It is an affordable lease with payments made over 12 months, as well as the usual options to either cancel or return the equipment at the end or just continue for a further 12 months and own the equipment for just £1. It’s a new way of leasing for the new post-coronavirus world we find ourselves in.

Flexi-12 Products available on Flexi-12 = MacBook Air 13" £14.65, iMac 27" £32.35 and MacBook Pro 16" £25.65

Still unsure? Take a look at some of the FAQ’s on Flexi-12 for Macs here:

We have several alternative lease and financing solutions

The original HardSoft Flexi-Lease is still available. It offers you, and your business, total flexibility and continues to be our most popular solution. If you’d prefer to redeem your ownership discount early, take a look at our Pure-Rental option. If your company needs more than 20+ Apple or PC devices, then Devices for Teams from HardSoft offers your business an agile and truly flexible DaaS solution, with total freedom to exchange or return devices as you need them.

To find out more about our Flexi-12 solution, or any of the other leasing solutions from HardSoft, give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk