Fancy a FREEBIE with your Mac?

13th October 2016
Group standing and looking at laptop

Fancy a freebie?? Of course you do! This month, as always, we have some exciting freebies on offer! Join HardSoft and experience our  ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. We offer a complete package service, revolutionising IT leasing. We supply Apple Macs, finance them and provide warranty for all of our products. This means that the customer only has to contact HardSoft to purchase, repair, for technical support and replacement.
Our legendary freebies for this month have been announced! If you are thinking of leasing any Apple iMac or MacBook we are offering one of these two options;

Get free installation from an Apple Trained engineer

On-site setup & installation –   If you select this option, you will receive On-site Installation and setup with a highly experienced technical engineer. Our large and experienced team are trained on all platforms and can help you to make the installation of new devices seamless. We are happy to take away all of the rubbish and recycling with us and leave you with your clear working space. This option allows up to 2 hours per computer to configure and integrate your new device- as you would like it.We reserve the right to install remotely any systems located outside London, East Anglia & the Home Counties. If you require  more assistance from an engineer, we can arrange more time or an extra days assistance at a minor cost.
Windows 10 Pro, configured with Apple Boot Camp! – If you want to be able to use Windows with your Mac, we can include it in your lease saving you over £100! This exciting freebie offers you the ability to switch between running your Mac on i0S and Windows. You can easily switch between the two for a variety of jobs. If you need to run PC only compatible software, for example Sage, on your 
When you make your order our helpful sales team will be able to talk you through the options. We can help you to decide which will be most beneficial in your business. Our freebies are changing all of the time; be sure to contact our Sales Team before you miss out on these great offers. These freebies do not affect all of the great aspects of our flexi- leases, you will still receive Warranty and Technical Support as