Fairphone Is Making Business Mobiles More Sustainable

17th January 2023
fairphone for businesses

Supplying business mobiles to your employees is an excellent tactic for encouraging productivity, and better collaboration while maintaining tight business cybersecurity.

Phones For Teams makes sourcing business smartphones easy and stress-free for companies with transparent leases, a choice of business-grade smartphones, specialist support and SIM plans all from one supplier.

But what about businesses that want to empower their workforce while maintaining their commitment to environmental sustainability?

Are Smartphones Bad for The Environment?

It’s no secret that electronics are not the kindest products on our planet, even if smartphones and computers have become crucial to modern business.

Smartphones use energy, are quick to be replaced, caused damaging electronic waste, and their production involves morally questionable mining and toxin-releasing manufacturing processes.

What can businesses do when sourcing a product like smartphones, that could help their business commercially, but poses difficult ethical questions?

Why Should Businesses Care About Electronic Impact On The Planet?

are smartphones bad for the environment?

Well, for some organisations it is a struggle, but it could become so for every business. The UK is increasing its legislation of businesses to make them more environmentally conscious with the Environment Act. Additionally, our government has set a target of 2050 for the UK to become carbon neutral and this applies to businesses as well.

Discover Fairphone, The Eco-Friendly Answer To Business Smartphones

Fairphone is a smartphone like no other. It has been designed to be sustainable and kinder to the environment first and foremost.

It’s an ethical choice for businesses looking to meet their legal environmental standards, such as being carbon neutral for the government’s net zero target in 2050.

Fairphone also lessens the demand for new phones to be built at such a high rate since they last longer and, therefore, lessens contributions to harmless e-waste in our ecosystem.

How Do Fairphones Last Longer?

One of the core ways that Fairphone 4 is more sustainable than other devices is that it is more modular in its inception and, therefore, more repairable.

What Does A Modular Build Mean?

It is much easier to swap out the battery or display. It isn’t glued shut like most other smartphones.

You wouldn’t be blamed for believing some smartphones appear to have a type of inbuilt obsolescence to encourage constant upgrading every couple of years.

Well, that isn’t the case with Fairphone. It encourages you to get maximum usage from your business mobiles and to repair rather than replace.

This also makes it a cost saver and time saver as repairs are easier and cheaper.

fair phones are more sustainable

Is Fairphone Eco-Friendly In Other Ways?

Another way that Fairphone’s design helps the environment is that its original build is kinder, It uses fairly sourced materials and 40% recycled plastics.

It isn’t only sustainable in its direct lessened impact on the ecosystem. Fairphone also prioritises fairer working conditions and pay, so it is more ethical to humans and the environment at every stage.

How Can Businesses Lease Fairphones?

It’s now easy to source this sustainable business mobile for your staff. If you want to choose a smartphone that lasts longer and still boosts productivity and collaboration among your workforce and clients, you can acquire them with Phones For Teams.

Phones For Teams can provide Fairphone leases for your business, including:

  • Extended warranty as standard
  • Flexible contract lengths
  • SIM plans that are from the same supplier as your phones
  • On the most reliable networks O2 and Vodaphone
  • Unlocked from the phone contract for plenty of flexibility.

There is also unrivalled tech support from mobile specialists to help Fairphone take long-lasting to the next level.

What we really love about Fairphone is that it isn’t a huge compromise on functionality, price or being ethical. You still get a high-quality business-grade smartphone with elite features but just more sustainable.