New lower-price iMac specially for Educational Institutions. In an effort to get more Macs into schools for student use, they are serving up a new 21.5-inch version of their popular iMac, which Hardsoft are proud to announce they are offering to lease at preferential rates!

iMac For SchoolsThis model is a slimmed down spec of the current Apple iMac with a 21.5-inch glossy widescreen display framed in anodized aluminum.  It features the 3.1 GHz Intel Core i3 dual-core processor and the AMD Radeon HD 6750-512MB discrete graphics card . The exclusive Educational model ( only available to state funded schools)  is configured with 2GB RAM and 250GB hard drive as standard and can be upgraded to 8GB RAM. Other key features include a SD card slot,. To accompany this new  offer Apple Long Wired Keyboards as well as the Wired Mice will come as standard with the new iMac, plus to top it all off Apple’s new OS X Lion system will already be pre-installed! This model is a slimmed down spec of the current Apple iMac.

HardSoft are happy to announce that we are taking lease orders TODAY for the new iMac for Schools which is taking the world of education by storm. GIVE US A CALL.


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