Ever thought about part exchange on your old Mac ?

28th January 2014
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We know what a pain it can be when the time comes to upgrade your computer and you just don’t know what to do with the old one. Do you try to flog it on eBay? Smash up its hard drive before taking it to the tip? Or do you give it to a friend or relative to see how long it’ll last them?
Thanks to Hard Soft, you don’t have to do any of those things, and in fact when you lease your new Apple Mac from us, we will take your old equipment off your hands, and even give you a reduction on the price of your new technology when you lease a new Apple Mac for your business. HardSoft are one of a handful of fully Approved Apple stockist.
We offer a trade-in or ‘part exchange’ service for our customers’ Apple Macs when they choose to lease a new Apple Mac from us. This means that, depending on the value of your Apple Mac, you will receive a monthly discount on the price of leasing equipment from us, all you will need to do is check out our Hard Soft Trade-In discount tables to see how much you could save by trading in your Mac, and watch as your direct debit payments are reduced. Or just email us the serial number of your Mac then we can come straight back with the part exchange value. If you cant find the serial number then ask us and we can help you find it as it can sometime be a challenge.

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Don’t nurse an old computer

Most electronic equipment loses its value not long after you take it out of the box, however this is not the case with Apple Mac branded equipment, giving you the peace of mind that despite your current Mac being old and tired, it still has value that will pay dividends to you. Apple Mac products retain their value despite years of heavy usage, meaning that while your old and tired computer might not be worth much to you, it is worth a great deal to somebody else, which is why we offer to reduce your costs of leasing new equipment. Leasing is flexible with HardSoft and is available for both new and established business users whether a Limited company or just self employed. Leasing includes three years warranty and
What’s more, when you decide to lease your new Apple Mac from Hard Soft we’ll send it out to you and give you up to a week to transfer data between your old and new machines before we send a courier to collect your old equipment. There is nothing that you need to do other than wait for your new equipment to arrive, spend a week getting to know it and making sure you’re happy with it, and then hand over your old Mac to our friendly courier who will come to collect it whenever and wherever suits you best.
So for the only place to trade in your old Apple Mac, AND get a brand new one on a three year lease with the option to upgrade after two years, or own it after three, choose HardSoft. Rest assured that your old IT equipment will be wiped of all data according to MOD standards, so that any sensitive information you leave on your hard drive will not fall into the wrong hands, guaranteed!
For more information, please contact our friendly professional sales team on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk or pop along and have a chat with our chaps in the Shoreditch office in London.