Storage and Back Up is neither glamorous nor exciting but the fact of the matter is it is crucial to the survival of any modern business and therefore something everyone should at least try to follow. Drobo have brought usDrobo some new products in the last month which utilise the very fastest USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces to your Apple Mac, PC or Network . Even though Thunderbolt has been around for at least a year there have been very few new and exciting storage products available.

Before outlining the new products I’m going to take a moment to run through what it is, that has always made Drobo a great choice for Business back up and why HardSoft have chosen to supply these products in the past with their leasing solutions.. Thanks to their BeyondRAID technology you get all the joy of a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) Configuration without the usual limitations this imposes onto a system. Historically without a great deal of knowledge moving your system between RAID levels (RAID5 – RAID6 etc.) or expanding the amount storage once it is filled was difficult to achieve. Thanks to BeyondRAID the Device does all the work for you altering the way it runs depending on what state the Drives are in at any given moment and letting you change the RAID configuration with a simple click. When a drive fails the Drobo informs the user and you can simply swap them painlessly and easily, the same applies for expanding the storage too allowing you to add drives or swap to ones with larger capacity simply.

So what is New? First up the Drobo Mini – the first of their RAID products to only support 2.5” Hard Drives meaning it is very small, portable and if you choose SSD the Drives are sufficiently robust they can handle the device being moved. This is a great development for on location film makers and photographers. If you need the capacity of larger drives than SSD will allow why not use 4 x 1TB Conventional Drives and use the new mSATA slot with a 256GB Flash Device – The Drobo will work out what data you use most and put a copy on the faster mSATA device to grant faster access. You can get the Drobo Mini (With 4 x 256GB SSD) on a HardSoft flexible Lease from just £8.90 + VAT / week. Promise have a similar J2 and Promise J4 that we can lease as well though we find that they 5D Chainare less flexible and restrictive.

The next product is the Drobo 5D which has 5 Bays supporting 3.5” Hard Drives giving the Capacity for up to 5 x 3TB HDD’s! Any drive from any manufacturer can be included and mixed which makes replacement after a failure much easier (in the past you would need to source the identical drive). There are also cradles available which allow the bays to utilise SSD in a similar way to the Mini and like the Mini gives you a 6th mSATA slot. The 5D is available with 5 x 2TB HDD’s from just £10.90 + Vat per week on a HardSoft Flexible Lease.

Both these new devices also support USB3.0 and Thunderbolt (Including Daisy Chaining) making them the perfect partner for your Apple Mac or PC WorkStation. For more information on these products you can see them on the link below; HardSoft are an authorised Drobo Partner.

You can also contact HardSoft on 01279 718693 and Speak to Sales or feel free to email your questions to


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