Detangling Fact From Fiction In Computer Leasing: Will l Be Stuck With Hardware That Is No Longer Suitable For My Business?

27th January 2023
myths of leasing

There is plenty of unhelpful fiction that still exists around the topic of computer leasing.

Leasing business computer devices is an excellent method for sourcing affordable hardware while maintaining healthy cashflow and accessing superior IT services. Despite the multitude of positives to leasing computers, some people still believe strange, fictitious negatives about leasing.

This is owing to the fact that computer leasing has changed and advanced a great deal over the years. From when it first emerged on the market, business computer leasing has grown to become a far more comprehensive IT service.

The way in which modern businesses work has changed as well, leading to computer leasing becoming the far more relevant and sensible choice for business, compared to buying. In a world where staff can work from anywhere and technology becomes obsolete so rapidly, a leasing solution is far more applicable than buying.

Yet, completely false myths continue to circulate about computer leasing. One such belief is that computer leasing can be rigid.

Many business owners who have yet to try computer leasing, mistakenly believe that they will get stuck in a contract. The result is that they will have to hang onto hardware that is no longer suitable for their company.

don't get stuck in a contract

While it is far from true, the rigidity of your computer leasing contract will depend on the provider that you select.

Let’s dig in and detangle facts from fiction in the computer leasing world.

Naturally, businesses can grow and change over time. They might expand their offering to their own clients and open new departments.

This change can sometimes take place very quickly, especially in the case of scale-ups. Scale-ups are rapidly growing businesses, where financial and employee expansion is often on a steep increase.

Computer tech is also advancing astoundingly quickly, and businesses need the latest functionality to produce their best work and remain competitive.

Therefore, there are many reasons why a business wouldn’t want to get stuck with certain devices. What was relevant and perfectly suited one year, might be totally wrong for a business the following year.

This is why the ideal computer leasing contract will deliver flexibility to businesses.

Interestingly, getting stuck with hardware is far more likely if you are buying rather than leasing. When purchasing hardware there is often inadequate technical support and no upgrade system.

preconfiguration of laptops

It’s a fact that computer leasing gives far more opportunities to upgrade devices to the latest technology and receive beneficial support wrappers.

Choosing a computer leasing solution like Device For Teams brings an even greater level of hardware flexibility.

Devices For Teams has been created to help your device strategies grow with your company. Its entire ethos is based on ensuring your computer equipment remains relevant to your staff and current goals.

Not only does Devices For Teams grant access to technology upgrades, but it also provides the option to switch, add or return devices during this lease. There are no financial penalties for swapping devices or returning them. This means that businesses can always only use exactly the hardware that they require. No business is stuck with devices when they use a flexible, customisable solution like Devices For Teams.