Dell’s Latitude 9510 – 3 Reasons Why You Might Want One

18th July 2020
Dell Latitude 9510 viewed open and reverse

Dell’s new Latitude 9510 series laptop is from Dell’s corporate line and here are three reasons why you should want one:

It’s One of the First 5G Laptops

The first reason to get a Latitude 9510 is that it’s one of the first we’ve seen. In order to get 5G with a laptop, you are going to need extra antennas, and Dell has actually put the antennas underneath the speakers, on either side.

The other thing you’re going to need is to have them along the edges because it can’t be covered by metal. This laptop is magnesium on the bottom and aluminium on the top, and that blocks the signal. So Dell has put a little bit of plastic where the antennas are so that the signal can get through. 5G is just barely making it to smartphones, but these laptops are basically future-proofed for the next level of conductivity. They also have 4G modems and WiFi.

It’s Inspired by the XPS 15

The next reason to love this laptop is that it’s inspired by one of Dell’s best consumer laptops ever, the XPS 15. So it has a 15-inch display, but with super-thin bezels. It’s basically the same size as a 14-inch laptop, but you get a gorgeous 15-inch display.

And even though it has the thin bezels, Dell squeezed the camera in at the top. There is another version of the Latitude 9510 which has a manual camera shutter so that if you want to make sure you have a little privacy you can just slide the shutter back and forth, and everyone is looking for more privacy. So what’s the difference between these two? Dell is making a 2-in-1 version of the Latitude 9510 with a 360-degree hinge, as well as a clamshell version that just goes down to 180 degrees.

It Has Machine Learning Built In

The third reason to want a Dell Latitude 9510 is that Dell has actually built machine learning into it.

Dell says that this laptop will learn your computing habits and queue things up ready for you so that you can work faster. So if every day, when you startup, you’re opening Outlook and Word, or Google Drive, it will learn that and queue it all up for you so that it’ll come up faster. It also has Windows Hello, and an infrared camera built-in too, so that when you lift your laptop it will just say “Hi Joe, how are you?” You won’t even have to type a password.

Another thing to love is the variable torque hinge. The variable torque hinge is loose at the beginning and then tightens up near the end. So you don’t need two hands to open your laptop. It’s just one of many design features on this laptop that you’re not going to see on an every day Dell, that will appear first on their Latitude range. It will then start trickling down to the XPS and Inspirons.

Dell Latitude 9510 showing laptop and 2 in 1 laptop front open view
Dell’s Latitude 9510

The Dell Latitude 9510 is available to Flexi-Lease from HardSoft for £23.30 per week (+VAT) and currently includes 12 months FREE Mobile Broadband on the Vodafone network.

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