Dell OptiPlex 7480 All-in-One – the Perfect Space Saving PC for Working from Home

30th October 2020
Front and rear views of the Dell Optiplex 7480 All-in-One PC on a white/grey background

We’re taking a look at the Dell OptiPlex 7480 all one computer. It’s a 24″ all-in-one computer, which means all the processing components of the computer are integrated into the screen itself. You don’t have any external tower or box to connect, you just the computer within the back of the display, your keyboard and mouse. It’s really simple and perfect if you’re short on space, especially in these times of working from home.

The Dell OptiPlex 7480 processor is the 10th Gen Intel Core i5 in our spec, but you could configure these with anywhere up to an i9. RAM goes up to a maximum capacity of 64GB of RAM, and that’s using 2 DIMM slots. Storage, there is space for 2 M.2 SSD hard drives as well as a 2.5inch hard drive if you want to put that in for the spin hard drives. As for the graphics, it’s got the Intel integrated UHD graphics 630. When it comes to the display it has a 23.8″ full HD LED (1920 x1080) rated to 250 nits of brightness, and you can choose the non-touch version or a multi-touch version.

Dell Optiplex 7480 24" All In One front view

There are plenty of ports and buttons on this all-in-one computer. On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen at the front, you’ll find the power button, then on the left-hand side of the computer at the bottom, you’ll also find a full-size SD card reader, USB-C port – which is USB 3.1 Gen 2 port – and then you have a USB Type-A port, and that is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 with power share, you also have a headphone jack there. Looking at the back of the computer, starting on the left-hand side there is an HDMI In port which allows you to plug another computer into this computer and then use the display as an external monitor. Next to that is another HDMI Out port, and this is where you actually plug an external monitor if you want to do dual screen or triple screen. Next, there is a full-size display port which is again for using to extend your monitors. There is also an RJ-45 ethernet port and four USB Type-A ports and finally, the AC power port where you plug in the power cable.

The 7480, All-in-One does come with an integrated full HD webcam which is actually hidden away on the top, you just have to give it a slight push and it will pop up. The microphones are located at the base of the display screen rather than on top, as are the speakers. The maximum volume measured at a peak of 92.5 decibels, which is surprisingly loud for an all-in-one computer.

The Dell OptiPlex 7480 All-in-One is packed with features that help you power through everyday tasks and with built-in Intel Unite you can share wireless content and get seamless collaboration. It also has Dell’s AI-enhanced Optimzer ExpressResponse, which learns and adapts how you work on a continuous basis to optimise the performance of your top 5 apps! Available on our 3-year Flexi-Lease with full ‘no-quibble’ warranty, technical support, and a loan machine if you need it from just £9.70 per week.

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