Get it now, pay next year… HardSoft have given a little thought into anything that can be done to make acquiring the latest Apple Mac or PC computers ever more affordable than it already is on a HardSoft Flexible Lease– so we are Buy Now Pay Laterallowing business users  –at no extra cost- to defer payments until 2017. Leasing has always been great for cash flow and this offer just makes it even better.

Our leasing experts have come up with an opportunity to defer the payments on your PC or Apple Mac for up to 3 months while getting your IT today; in short that all important project that doesn’t pay you until January needs a new Apple iMac 27″ Retina 5K to be completed; why not investigate this latest great offers.

All we ask is that you accept the payments will be on a Quarterly basis which means 4 payments per year and you get that grace period at the start of the lease before making that first rental payment.

To give an example of the reality of payments if you took a brand new lease on a MacBook Pro 15” 2.2GHz, 256 GB Flash the price on the website is £13.90 + VAT per week on Flexi Lease. On our standard term if you ordered this today you would be required to make 36 monthly payments with the first one paid immediately and upfront.

lease a macbook air

Lease a MacBook NOW, Pay 2017

With our new option you could acquire that machine this month with 12 Quarterly payments of £180.70 plus VAT per month but the first one of those lease payment would not be taken until January 2017. You would of course still have access to all the same renewal options which would start after 8 of your quarterly payments.

Naturally there are a few restrictions and this offer is subject to credit status. The key think is that this offer is for low value orders and is only for leases where the equipment is less than £18.55 per week. That is enough to afford even the most expensive MacBook or iMac or even a couple of the latest lightweight PC  Ultrabooks.

Why not keep your cash and use ours….…..If this is something you would like to explore for your business then please contact one of our sales stuff 0n 01279 718 693 or email HardSoft are a one hardsoft apple suthorisedstop shop for the lease of computers and provide the finance and the equipment in a simple on line ordering process. All HardSoft prices include three years warranty and fantastic renewal/ upgrade options.


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