Data Backup.. Are you really covered ?

Data Backup is the most important thing to have in place in your business.  The process of backing up your essential data is the most crucial item that your business should have in place. If you are not backing up your data then you are exposing your business to loss of data which according to a 2008 survey could bankrupt your business in less than 30 days.

Data Loss can stem from a number of potential issues. In its simplest form it may just be a user who deletes a file from their PC which is actually on the server; it could be a hardware malfunction of a machine, Mac, PC or server that requires data to be restored .  Or at its very worst could be a theft, fire or flood which would then need the whole system and data to be rebuilt on new cloud backup

HardSoft can help you by offering a range of backup and storage devices on lease from manufacturers such as Buffalo, Lacie, Drobo  and Pegasus.

What is the best backup solution ?

There are actually only a few ways to backup your data and the method is quite similar but the device only changes depending on the size of the data you need to backup.   You will also find that the very best Backup Solutions are a combination of the following:

NAS Drive- otherwise known as Network Attached Storage,  a device such as the Lacie 2TB 5Big is available from HardSoft for only £ 6.45 per week.  This type of device can store huge amounts of data and the Drive is located and remains on your business premises.  We can configure to backup hourly or most commonly daily overnight.   This is the belt and braces that covers 90% of data loss issues when the problem has most likely been caused by a user.

External Hard Drives-   many businesses have moved away from the very unreliable tape systems over to external Hard Drives.  You would normally have 2 or more drives that you rotate each evening ensuring that your data is backed up and one drive can remain off-site to cover a major disaster such as fire or theft of equipment.  The benefit is that these drives are quick inexpensive but they are usually limited to 1TB of space.  More than enough for most businesses.  HardSoft supply these as standard within all our networks we supply.

cloud computing how good is itCloud Storage-   this has been around for a long while.  This offers the ultimate backup solution allowing you to recover a single file or a full restore from any location in the world with an internet connection. However it has in the past been very expensive and does rely on your business having a good broadband speed. HardSoft are currently this month offering 500GB of Cloud Backup free of charge for any new Mac or PC system you lease from us. We also offer upgrades to 2TB of Cloud storage for only £ 1.40 a week.This has its own web portal to allow you to see and use your data from anywhere and there’s also an Android/Iphone App to see just what the status of the Cloud back ups are.

Networks-  At HardSoft we can offer you a complete 5 user network for only £ 39 per week with dedicated HP Proliant ML310 Server.  Within our network package we offer a managed backup solution, consisting of both the automated backup to hard drive and the Cloud Storage. You will get a daily email confirming your backup is working or if it does fail we will remotely dial in and fix for you. So you can continue business in the knowledge that your data is being backed up.

Backing up Already ?

As a business you may already have a backup solution in place however Kroll Data Recovery Services sight the following as the most common reasons why data is lost:

External drive was only changed occasionally and backup never tested

Data had become larger than the backup device, but this was never checked and no reporting was in place.

The Backup had not been updated and was not backing up all the data needed.

So review your backup today or call us for help.  You may have a backup in place but its not even working. Backing up by a multiple of on site and external paths is recommended and there is no minimum or even maximum need.


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