Cyber Essentials for your business

18th April 2017
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Cyber Essentials is a Government initiative to ensure businesses are covered against cyber attack, and to impose an industry standard that you can sign up for and conform to. It has been mandatory for Government suppliers to have Cyber Essentials since 2014 but is due to be extended to many Business to Business suppliers… If you sell B2B then it’s a new ‘Badge’ you will need. It’s a good badge as it will force you to bring your own security up to date by following some simple rules.
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Ransomware is a threat to ALL of our customers and it’s essential that all businesses take steps to protect themselves against it. We’re sure you’re fed up of HardSoft waxing lyrical about cyber crime and ransomware but If you have not done anything to prevent it, then you have only yourself to blame.
By being approved with Cyber Essentials, you can protect your company against common cyber threats. If you are interested then you need to fill in the online questionnaire to get you started. If you “pass” you can then decide if you would be interested in applying for ‘Cyber Essentials’.

What Do You Need for Cyber Essentials?

There are five controls which your company must conform to;

  • Boundary firewalls [to prevent unauthorised access]

    Cyber Essentials HardSoft
    Consider applying for the Governments’ Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Secure configuration [setting up systems securely]
  • User Access control [restricting access to those who need it, with good password policies]
  • Malware protection [i.e. using anti-virus software]
  • Patch management [i.e. updating software]

As the assessors are external there is a fee imposed which is circa £300 and you will also need input from an IT expert as some of questuions can be challenging.. It is imperative that all companies take this seriously and consider their protection needs. As customers of HardSoft we are willing to advise the level of support your company needs and can supply anti- virus and ransomware packages if you do not have them in place. Once you have completed the steps, you will be awarded a certificate and also be able to display the Cyber Essentials Badge.

Cyber Essentials process
The path to obtaining Cyber Essentials accreditation

If you are leasing a Windows based Network from HardSoft then we guarantee that you will pass the initial questionnaire. We have in place a ‘Group Policy’ that conforms to the lockdowns needed. The Cyber Essentials requirements are available HERE. By checking the Cyber Essentials FAQ page you can gain a further understanding of if this scheme is you’re your company needs. Our Gold Network Support customers can contact their Hardsoft for help and advise for the process. (Another great reason to lease your networks and support package from HardSoft Computers.)
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