The cheap alternative to hiring Computers for short term needs

16th August 2018
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We recently launched the HardSoft Creative Club, as a solution for our customers following numerous requests for the option of short-term hire of computer equipment. Leasing has numerous benefits for businesses, but sometimes you just need some kit to see you through a big project or an exhibition, and that’s where the Creative Club comes into its own.

Often clients commit to expensive computers with a specification they actually only need to use once in a blue moon. A typical example is taking an iMac Pro when its only needed to do the crunching twice a year. The Creative Club would allow a client to take a cheaper iMac 27″ i7, then get delivered the extra iMac Pro resource when it’s needed.

For just £6 per week plus VAT, our members (and you have to have a ‘live’ lease contract)  can have access to a pool of equipment for short-term hire. The equipment in the Creative Club pool will have a daily points value and each member receives 350 points annually to use to hire the extra kit they need when they want it. It’s short-term computer hire that’s cheap and flexible.

The Creative Club has been well received by our existing customers and we thought we’d tell you more about the frequently asked questions we’ve had so far.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Creative Club

FAQs  Answers
Is delivery and collection included? Yes, it is. Please keep any packaging provided and ensure the equipment is packed safely and securely ready for our collection.
When does the hire period start? We deliver and collect Monday to Friday. We will deliver the working day before your rental period starts and collect the day after the rental period ends.
Is there a minimum hire period? Yes – the minimum is 3 days.
How do I book equipment out? Currently, you need to email the team specifying the hire period, equipment choice and delivery address details. We require seven days’ notice to provide the kit at the moment, but within the next few months we will have an online booking system and aim to improve the wait time.
What is the current list of equipment available and how many points for each? iMac Pro – 50 points per day
IPad Pro 12.9” – with Cellular- 10 points per day
IMac 27” 5K – 3.8GHz, 16GB RAM – 15 points per day
MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar – 20 points per day
Drobo 5D ext storage array – 5 points per day
Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box with GTX 1070 TI graphics – 7 points per day
Blackmagic 4K Camera- 12 points per day
VR PC- i7 CPU with 24” Display & Oculus Rift – 15 points per day
Surface Pro – i7, with Type Cover – 13 points per day
I need to hire some equipment not listed, can I request it? We are constantly adding to the pool of equipment as demand dictates so please ask if you have some specific requests. Obviously, we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible to try to accommodate your needs
Can I load my own software onto the equipment? Certainly. Use the computers just as you would your own. There are no restrictions.
It’s £6 per week plus VAT. Any other costs? There is a one-off set up fee collected with your first payment of £30 plus VAT.
Can I pay monthly or annually? No, quarterly direct debit paid in advance is the only option. The cost is £78 plus VAT per quarter. An annual invoice showing the full 12 months payments will be emailed across after we collect the initial payment.
Do I need to ‘wipe’ the data before returning it? No, we have a safeguarding process and all data is securely removed and destroyed within 48 hours of us receiving the equipment back.
Is insurance against loss or theft included? No, it is not and you should have provisions within your normal business insurance to cover this. Accidental damage is covered though. There is no excess to pass on this cover.
Can I take the equipment I receive outside the UK? Yes, but we do not cover Accidental Damage outside the UK and Ireland. Please ensure you have cover or are prepared to pay for any damages.
Can I cancel membership to ‘The Creative Club’? Yes on each annual anniversary. If you cancel before the annual anniversary, you will still be liable for the remaining payments for that year unless you have never used any of your Points allocation.
Can I carry the ‘points’ across to a subsequent subscription year? No, the points reset to zero on the annual anniversary.
Can I add extra points? You cannot add extra points but we can add additional memberships. There is no limit per company.
Are the computers and equipment available to hire all new? No, they are not new but all are the latest models and specs and all are supplied in a ready to run condition.
I am not a HardSoft customer. Can I still subscribe? Unfortunately not. We have developed this scheme for existing customers only. Why not become a customer!

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If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any queries on how this is the ceapest way to hire computers for short term projects.. Call them on 020 7111 1643 or email
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