Computer Leasing For Accountants: Everything You Need In One Place

19th October 2022
MacBook Air £2.20 for accountants

With the ever-swifter tide of automation and software transforming the accountancy industry, this is a good time to ensure that your firm has an elegant and efficient IT solution.

Computer hardware leasing has a wider scope of benefits than you might expect. While spreading the cost of pricey devices is a blessing for any business, the new generation of leasing can go much further, providing all of your IT needs in one solution.

Interesting But Challenging Times For Accountancy Firms

Many industries have faced turmoil in the past few years due to many factors, not least of which was the pandemic. An uncertain market and working conditions put financial pressure on various sectors.

Accountancy is an industry that is always required by end users and other businesses. However, it has been a particularly challenging time for accountancy recently.

Not only did firms face the same trials as everyone else but accountants also lost some clients as businesses folded in the pressure of the pandemic, while other new and strangely pandemic-niche companies arose.

On top of all this, it has been a time of evolution for accountants as the industry becomes far more automated and software becomes a more significant element of accountancy than ever before.

There are some interesting shifts taking place in accountancy:

leasing with a MacBook Air for accountants

It is, therefore, a busy and pressurising, yet arguably exciting time for the accountancy industry. Unfortunately, this pressure for technological evolution comes at a time of many HMRC changes. Accountants are having to dedicate a great deal of time to educating your clients on these changes such as the progression of MTD (Making Tax Digital), subtle IR35 changes, and a rise in NI contributions.

Meanwhile, all businesses and people are facing the squeeze from rising living costs, particularly around fuel and electricity. They need their accountants’ advice more than ever.

While accountants have much to handle right now, with growing automation and an expectation of software literacy, now is the time when you need to have an excellent IT strategy.

Modern computer leasing does a lot more than help businesses spread the cost of their computer hardware and it is these other features that will be useful to accountants right now.

Why Is Computer Leasing A Good Choice For The Accounting Industry?

The new generation of computer leasing is a strong choice for accountants. It is the most convenient and all-inclusive way to source computer equipment. It can save you significant amounts of time by relieving various aspects of your IT burdens.

By offering packages including IT support, security, and complete personalised software configuration, computer leasing can make business operations much simpler for accountancy firms and your clients.

Computer leasing from leading providers like Hardsoft incorporates a multitude of IT services, beyond simply providing the computer hardware.

A Holistic Approach To Business IT

The big difference between old styles of computer leasing and Hardsoft’s next generation leasing is how the latter is a comprehensive approach to all IT needs,

One of the reasons that accountants and all industries will stand to benefit is that everything is available in one place. With Hardsoft computer leasing is a one-stop-shop for ALL IT needs. This includes:

  • Provision of lease
  • Provision of the most suited hardware
  • Evaluation and assistance in choosing the right hardware
  • Finance for your lease
  • Installation and deployment
  • Complete device configuration
  • IT support
  • Maintenance and management assistance
  • Upgrade options
  • Device strategy and advice
  • Full life-cycle management, including repurposing or environmentally friendly recycling of devices
hardsoft benefits icons

One of the most useful aspects of Hardsoft’s next generation of computer leasing is configuration and deployment.

Many businesses understand how spreading out costs can help them financially or how IT support can make operations easier. However, configuration and deployment can save significant amounts of time and help companies on an individual staff level and business-wide level. It is not something most companies think about.

How does it work?

Firstly, we’ve established that accountancy is becoming more automated, and more software-based. The requirements are always increasing for both accountants and your clients.

Secondly, all this setting up new software is time-consuming. It costs companies productivity.

Hardsoft can fully configure your new devices to each individual employee’s needs with all their accounts, apps, and software ready to go. There’s no need to come back from holiday a day early and set up a bunch of software for new hires; this can all be done by your computer lease provider.

Hardsoft can configure devices remotely and it isn’t a bulk order, one-size-fits-all approach. It can be done on an individual level if different roles and staff require different software.

New leased devices can also be remotely deployed to all your staff even at their homes or the office with lighting speed. Accountants and all businesses will find this aspect of their computer lease extremely helpful and one of the biggest time savers.

How FLEXI-Lease Helps Businesses In Uncertain Times

On top of all these advantages, there are the extra benefits of FLEXI-Lease. This is just one of Hardsoft’s leasing solutions. It is one of the most popular because of how flexible and versatile it is for businesses who are struggling to plan how their business will develop over three years.

Flexi logo and flexible device solutions

Leases run for three years, but FLEXI-Lease lets you tweak your lease after only two years. You can CHANGE the lease by upgrading to new hardware. You can CONTINUE the lease as normal and then, after three years, there is even an option to own the devices for £1 + VAT. You can also CANCEL the lease after two years, return the devices and not pay any further.

With flexibility, time-saving, easier operations and cost spreading, computer leasing is a convenient and useful option for accountants.