they’re the same daily cost ! It’s a fact that 25% of small-medium businesses spend more on coffee each year than their computer equipment. Here at HardSoft, we offer a flexible business lease and as part of our branding we can compare this to the price of your daily coffee !

mac lease

Coffee or a new Mac ? they’re the same daily cost

HardSoft offer the  new thin  Apple iMac on a flexible business lease and this can cost less than your daily coffee. Take the medium sized Cappuccino for example… and cost of £2.80 a go, which equates to £14 per week. The Apple 27” iMac starts at just £13.40 + VAT per week on a flexible lease basis and is crammed with a Quad Core i5 processor, 16GB RAM,  Geforce GTX 1Gb Graphics and OS X Mountain Lion.!

There is certain add-ons you can make to the Apple iMac, much in the same way as adding things to your coffee order. For example, if you like a strong coffee, then you will like a strong amount of memory in your iMac. An extra shot in your daily cappuccino will cost you roughly 80 pence and an upgrade to 32GB RAM inside your iMac will cost you another 80 pence per week on a flexible lease.

If you are a bit adventurous then maybe you go for a shot of syrup in your daily Latte, this should cost you around £0.95 which is the exact same cost as adding Comprehensive Insurance to you Apple iMac 27”. This will cover you against loss, theft and accidental damage and is the perfect way to protect your machine for only a small extra cost per month.

Finally, I am sure that 99% of people have chocolate sprinkled on top of their cappuccino and whether you have it shaped like a Christmas tree or shaped like the Eiffel tower; this will cost you absolutely NOTHING. Much in the same way that our full 3 year warranty for Apple Macs will cost you nothing. We include a ‘collect and return’ warranty with all of our Mac products and this also includes telephone technical support between 8.30-5.30 Monday-Friday.

So… next time you are half asleep after a long train or car journey to work and in the queue for your morning coffee kick, get yourself out of the queue and give us a call. Speak to any member of our sales team on 020 7111 1643 or email .


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