Can you Personalise your Google Chrome Homepage with a GIF? Yes, you can!

8th July 2020
Google on a MacBook Pro

It’s actually a very simple process to personalise your Google Chrome homepage with any GIF you like, you just have to trick Google with a little smoke and mirrors first.

It’s not just teenagers who want to personalise every part of their device, we all like to make something stand out as our own, whether it’s with a case, our wallpaper or lock screens, or the way we layout our apps, it’s all personal to us, just the way we like it. But we haven’t been able to personalise our Google Chrome backgrounds with a favourite GIF, until now.

It’s a really simple process that transforms your plain white Google Chrome background to whatever takes your fancy from the seemingly unlimited world of GIFs, so you can go from the standard white background to something more “you”.

Google Chrome with Gif Background of man with a MacBook Pro

There are just a few steps to the process:

  1. Find the GIF you want to use and right click to show the drop down menu.
  2. Change the file name to .PNG instead of ‘GIF and select the ‘save as’ option.
  3. Change the format drop down from GIF to ‘all files’.
  4. Open a new Google Chrome tab and click ‘customise’ from the bottom right-hand corner – the icon looks like the edit icon, a tiny pen/wand.
  5. You then click on the ‘upload from device’ option on the displayed window, where you’ll see that the GIF you uploaded is now saved as a PNG file.
  6. And you’re done. Your Google page should be playing your GIF!

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if this your kind of thing it’s a nifty trick to know about.

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