Can I get Windows 10 free ?

28th July 2015
Group project work on a laptop

Following the hiccup of Windows 8 then Windows 10 puts Microsoft back in the game…. Initial reaction is very positive and Microsoft have a free offer to get hold of it. So how do you get it ?
If you have a Mac running Parallels Desktop software then unfortunately the Parallels software needs upgrading. The new version is now Parallels Desktop 11 which is fully compatible. This is now available and also supports El Capitan.  We are offering this upgrade to 11 at £39 plus VAT and will include the links etc to upgrade from Windows 7/8 to 10. Please email us on and we will let you know further details as it becomes available.
If you have PC running Windows 7/8.1 then you need to run your Windows Updates. If your PC is bang up to date (with SP! and all updates) then in the Updates windows then you should get a message to ‘reserve your free copy’ .  Once reserved you can then click through and Upgrade. No need to reformat and all data and software remains intact. Users on a Network have their ‘updates’ disabled on a local computer so this option does not appear. This is at no cost. If you have a Server then the Server delivers these Updates and will need to be updated itself and then can feed the options out to the PC users. You may need technical help on this so please contact for assistance.
If you are eligible for the FREE upgrade then whether you upgrade now then we suggest you take the free download. You have one year to install it otherwise you will need to purchase the upgrade. There are some known issues with certain Updates that will not install and therefore prohibit ‘reserve your free upgrade’ flag. There are several Microsoft pages which help try and solve these issues. Google them or contact us. OR go to where you can cut to the chase and just download the product. 
For new PC orders then PC’s until September will still come with Windows 7/8.1 pre-installed and you will need to do the Updates and get hold of 10 that way……… For new MAC orders then Parallels 11 & Windows 10 Professional when requested will be supplied.
Existing Parallels 10 users who don’t want to upgrade ….. the official word as of 30/7/2015 is “If you are planning to upgrade your Windows virtual machine to Windows 10, Parallels suggests that you wait until the Parallels support team has the opportunity to test the different ways to upgrade to Windows 10, and can release recommended steps for upgrading .” So wait…
With all new Operating systems then it is best to wait a little and let things settle down- so dont rush – and if you do may need to check your software is very compatible as well as your peripherals such as printers……. and do a Back Up before upgrading. There are some known issues with certain updates that will not install and prohibit the ability of the Flag showing. There are several Microsoft pages which help try and solve these issues.
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