Can 5G Bring Internet Equality To Rural UK Areas?

29th January 2022
5G in rural areas

Rural and small-town businesses can often feel left behind in a digital arms race compared to their urban competitors. However, the continued rollout of 5G may be set to change their fortunes for the better.

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It is a mistaken belief that rural businesses are limited to tourism or small artisan shops. Rural communities and small towns have a plethora of different businesses and freelancers working in every industry imaginable including architects, digital marketers, software developers and graphic designers. Yet with the limited infrastructure and spotty internet in some parts of the rural UK, these businesses have had an uphill battle.

Infrastructure for 5G has steadily been growing. More devices now exist with 5G capabilities in-built. This goes much further than smartphones, with certain tablets and laptops now being released with 5G. More network providers can grant access to 5G packages and more 5G towers are being built to spread 5G access further.

5G technology is renowned for being able to grant connectivity on a par with most wi-fi connections. At its best, it can provide much faster speeds (up to 1000x faster than 4G), a more reliable and stable connection, with more data for your apps and more devices connected at once. One other feature is that 5G works over a shorter distance. We are seeing a reverse of the more centralised approach to internet in the cloud, to once again having the connection be a more local phenomenon. While this is an advantage for the IOT, such as robotics and self-driving cars, which require that low latency with the close proximity to your local box.

How Can 5G Help Rural Areas If There Is Less Infrastructure?

Lower Latency

5G actually has several capabilities and levels. Not all 5G is equal or as fast. 5G uses more of the radio spectrum than previous generations like 4G. As well as its fast speeds in its high-end signal, which can only travel a short distance, there as also radio signals in the low band. While this won’t deliver the quality that is frequently hyped about in places where there will be plenty of 5G infrastructure, this somewhat lower quality signal will still be a major improvement for rural areas.

Rural businesses using this part of 5G signal will be able to have connectivity on a par with what their city-based competitors have taken for granted for many years. For rural communities and small towns across the UK, this will open up many doors for business, study, and healthcare. As more 5G hardware and technology is expanded, these rural businesses should see further improvements, which in turn will bring greater equality in the way we work across the UK.

5G Hardware For All Businesses

Rural businesses that invest in 5G laptops early will reap the benefits as they enable their staff to do more with their new connectivity. These companies should experience a productivity boost and be able to increase their output.

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