There is less than a week to go until the Broadcast Video Exhibition (BVE) 2013 and once again HardSoft will be exhibiting and demonstrating how our flexible leases can benefit the broadcast business. This year the show runs from the 26th to the 28th of February and comes from a new location at Excel London; which isn’t too far away from our Shoreditch office.

come see hardsoft leasing at bve at excel londonEach year we look forward to BVE as not only do we get to meet both potential and existing customers we also get the chance to touch and feel the technology that they will be using over the next 12 months or so. After rumblings at BVE North, we expect that 4K will be a hot topic this year with the benefits and new technology this will bring. HardSoft will be recommending the Blackmagic Decklink series with either the Blackmagic Design Decklink 4K Professional, which offers both standard definition as well as high or the very impressive Blackmagic Design Decklink 4K Extreme which also offers users the ability to capture SD/HD and 3D. Priced at £3.80 plus VAT per week and £6.90 plus VAT per week respectively either can be put on a HardSoft flexible 3 year lease that includes upgrade options a full technical support.

Another hot topic will be the recent demise at the hand of EU legislation of the Apple Mac Pro- though we still have a few left ! . With no new professional product on the immediate horizon from Apple and orders for bespoke machines stopping this Sunday could this be the time for a competitor to step in to the fold and take the crown Apple seem happy to let slip. Step foward the Z series from HP. From the entry level Z220 to the High End Z820, HP have got every budget and spec requirement covered. With up to date E3 and E5 Xeon processors you can’t help but feel HP will steal a march on the slumbering Apple. The Z range prices are also very favourable against the defunct Mac Pro; the Z220 starts from a budget pleasing £8.90 plus VAT per week, the Z420 from £12.90 plus VAT per week, the Z620 from £16.90 plus VAT per week and finally the Z820 from £24.90 plus VAT per week. You also aren’t limited on graphics card combinations (NVIDIA and AMD are our favourites) with the ability to match a graphics card to the needs of your software rather than the one fits all scenario Apple push you down. Our Workstation section onleasing sponsor for the guild tv cameraman our website is having a refresh and the launch of which will coincide with BVE this year, head over to after the show to configure the spec for your new graphics workstation. All of these can be financed by flexilease with the ability to upgrade after two years and a full three year hardware warranty.

So if you find yourself at BVE this year make sure you come over and visit our IT financing specialists to discuss your technology needs. We may even have a chocolate or two waiting for you. If you want a chat in depth and want to book a slot to chat then email us at

hardsoft offer lesing on all hp graphics workstations

The HP Workstation Family that is available to lease


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