Cloud Server vs Your Own Server

12th December 2013
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Cloud computing is becoming more and more common place as time goes on but is it really the best solution for hosting your data and all of your needs when it comes to storage and should you retire your old Server for the new Cloud options ?
lease a new server before your server diesSomething that is still an issue in the UK is our fairly outdated Broadband  infrastructure and one of the Key things to remember is that if there is no internet there is no data. Slow speeds means slow access to your data. Even at one of our offices in Shoreditch the speed is a maximum of 16GB. And that is in the heart of what is so-call TechCity. This reason alone almost seems to end the argument for Cloud Computing, but what would be the best solution for a small to medium business when there are so many options available.
People like to have things they can see, buying an intangible product never sits well with most people (who 3 years warranty on serversrelishes paying an insurance premium for example) so there has to be peace of mind in seeing a Server in its cabinet sitting in the corner of an office. That all important box definitely exists and on it the critical data that your business relies on for its income is definitely there. Couple that with the fact when you cut back all the talk of the excessive costs of hardware the amount of money you could pay per seat to go to the Cloud soon adds up. Especially when migrating your established software onto Cloud versions often carry subscription fees like Microsoft Office 365.  Microsoft also with their latest SBS Server offerings are starting to migrate the Exchange components to the Cloud- again with a subscription.
server leasingAt HardSoft as a lease specialist we like to think we help side step the issue of Hardware cost as well. We could supply a new start business with a HP Proliant Server with 5 PC’s all networked including Backup solutions and the actually seats for each user at an affordable lease price of just £46 + VAT per week. Leasing a Server is inclusive of support and installation – basically £40 per user per month which comfortably undercuts a suitable equivalent cloud solution. For 3 years you will have no other costs to manage your IT unless you choose higher levels of support, any issues can be quickly and diligently handled by our team of Engineers remotely and all equipment will carry a 3 Year Hardware warranty. And you get tangible versions of Microsoft Office 2013 without the potential subscription costs that can approach £400 over three years. And as an Offer we have a CashBack rebate of up to £500 when you lease a Server.
This doesn’t mean there is no place for the Cloud and certainly as costs come down these options will begin tocloud computing how good is it become more viable for small businesses. Even now part of our Server lease packages includes Cloud backup of up to 1TB of Data critical to your business. You can rest safe in the knowledge if someone robs the office or worse the building burns down. Cloud backup you would have quick easy access to that all important stuff that makes the company tick even from the handy Smartphone app that we have.
So the Cloud has its place certainly for secure and easy backups but the day when Cloud Storage replaces your own dedicated Server seem almost years away.
So whether you are a new start or an established small to medium business in our opinion it is not the time to step to Cloud. So if it is a fresh Network install or a refresh of older systems give HardSoft a call to discuss how we can support your next install with our Flexi Lease and what our team of Engineers could do to make the whole process as painless as possible while keeping Monthly Cost down. For more information email or call our sales team today on 0207 1111 643.

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