Hurrah! Another reason to blog about dogs… who knew the opportunity would present itself again so soon.

Further to my Office Dog HardSoftHardSoft Office Dog Blog last month, we have bring your dog to work day. Another excuse to take funny pictures of your dog in the office. For those of you who aren’t lucky to have an office dog like us at HardSoft, you have the chance to convince your boss to let you bring your K-9 companion to work!!

On June 24th, it will be the official Bring Your Dog To Work Day. We will be donating this year with our doggy friends Polo and Baxter also coming in for the day. Bring your dog to work day will be raising money for All Dogs Matter which is a charity that is dedicated to rehoming pooches. Many studies have shown that dogs in the workplace reduce stress, you never know, you may get to have an office dog like us here at HardSoft.

We would love to hear from any of you that also have an office dog and see your snaps. We hope that you are able to participate on the big day. We will be live tweeting withdogs matter HardSoft #BringYourDogToWorkDay If you would like to donate as a business or individual you can do it quickly and easily online. The minimum donation for your business if £50 but includes advertising if you are a publicity hound. Your business logo will be displayed on the bring your dog to work webpage with a link to your website. As an individual, if you donate more than £2 you can add a picture of your dog with a job to the hall of fame. I hope that your boss will allow you to bring your dog to the office this June 24th and it doesn’t cause a bone of contention! If you have any questions or ideas, you can contact the helpful team at bring your dog to work day.

At HardSoft we are dedicated dog lovers. We have been amazed by the support for our Mutts in Distress fundraiser last month and have really enjoyed seeing all of your office dog shots. If you have any cute dog pictures… no sorry, if you have any leasing requirements and would like a quick quote from one of out helpful sales team, contact us HERE or call on 0207 111 1643. All of our leasing packages come with fast delivery, 3 years warranty and technical support. 

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