Backup & Protect Company Data From Errors & Ex-employees With Squirrel

18th December 2023

Whether it’s server errors, hardware malfunctions, software blips, human error, or a deliberately malicious act from a disgruntled employee, all these incidents can cause crucial data loss for a business.

Thankfully, there are solutions to solve these problems. Squirrel cloud data backup system from Hardsoft allows businesses to keep their digital nuts safe and sound.

Unfortunately, not all companies are aware of the risks that they are up against, and data backup is often an afterthought.

Are Your Employees Or Former Workers Truly A Threat?

It is an uncomfortable truth but, sadly, yes, current, and former staff could turn into threats against your company.

Few businesses realise the threats that ex-employees can cause to their business security. You work alongside these people every day. You might trust them or even consider them friends. At times it can be difficult to draw that line between colleague, friend, and employee. It can certainly be challenging for many managers to acknowledge that anyone can be a potential threat that results in business data loss.

It is a chilling thought that few directors wish to face but both data breaches and crucial company data loss can often be traced back to disgruntled staff. This can be ex-employees whom you have recently let go, or current staff who are unhappy about their pay or treatment at your company. You may have no indication at all that they are disgruntled.

While data breach is a concern, data loss is far more likely because it is so easy for unhappy ex-staff to commit. Your employees have access to important files and business data. They may have built the files themselves or worked on them. All it takes is a few seconds to delete company files and cause many negative ripples.

Even if you have decent systems in place for blocking ex-staff out of your systems and business hardware, employees who are current but dissatisfied or those who suspect that they could be let go are still a significant threat.

Of course, it is impossible not to give your workers access to any files because how else could they do their jobs? Some may be very talented specialists who are required to create and edit said assets.

The answer is to invest in IT services that protect against these threats. Just as you can use cybersecurity software to keep out malware and exterior attacks, or MDM software to control how staff can use devices and lock them out of hardware if need be, so too can you use cloud data backup systems to prevent loss of files, data and company assets.

How Big Is The Threat From Disgruntled Ex-Workers?

With the rapid advancement of technology, cyber threats are growing swiftly year on year. Attacks from cyber criminals are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more costly. The increase in WFH practices has only exacerbated opportunities for cyber-attacks, despite the many other benefits of working from home and/or hybrid workers.

Yet, with so much focus on external cyber threats, it is natural that businesses might forget to look inwards.

The fact is that the majority of cyber threats are not external at all but come from within your own company.

Approximately, 60% of data breaches are created by insider threats.

If you are wondering why it happens, then it is interesting to note that 75% of insider threat cases involved a disgruntled ex-employee who left with company data, destroyed company data, or accessed company networks after their departure.

Even staff who are not especially tech-savvy know how to delete a file. Surprisingly, common business tools such as Microsoft 365 and SAGE do not adequately back up your company data. Businesses often make the mistake of storing important files locally or only using onsite external hard drives as their only backup line of defence.

All it takes is for an unhappy employee to delete a file out of spite and you could have lost days or months of productivity or crucial information.

So, what can a business do to protect against these worrying scenarios?

How Will Squirrel Cloud Data Backup Keep Your Company Assets Safe?

Squirrel is the latest addition to Hardsoft’s arsenal of IT service products. Each of our products are designed to make IT operations, and/or IT security easier for businesses to access.

This new IT solution is all about cloud data backup and protecting businesses from the unfortunate situations we described in this article.

But why should a company choose this data backup solution over any others?

The most comprehensive backup

Well, our system was created in response to our own research into business needs, feedback from our own clients, and a continued vision to create the most comprehensive IT services possible.

We want to create a fully one-stop-shop for businesses when it comes to their IT, so that they can outsource everything to us, and all computer-related needs are handled swiftly from one source.

This philosophy of being truly comprehensive was carried over when we built Squirrel. We noticed that not every cloud data backup solution out there backs up everything. It is often unclear which of your files are backed up and which aren’t.

Squirrel is designed to protect each and every one of your digital nuts. That means it is one of the most thorough backup systems. It can back up all your files, data, correspondence, and all your Microsoft 365 and NAS data.

A certified system that you can trust

Our IT experts have worked to ensure that Squirrel meets the highest security standards. It goes further than merely making copies of your files and ensures that your data is secure. Hardsoft are ISO 27001 certified for data security, which is the world’s best known standard for security.


At only £9.90 per week, Squirrel is very competitively priced.

No fuss setup

Our deployment team will handle your Squirrel setup swiftly, avoiding downtime and chores for your team.

Ultra-fast backups

Some of the fastest backups on the market. There’s an easy portal for management as well as email notifications for backups

Simple billing

A clear monthly payment structure with no surprises. When you use Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams and our family of IT service products, it becomes so simple since all your IT is from one source with a simple, easy monthly invoice.

If your business is ready to protect its data from errors, malfunctions, and insider threats, you can book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts. We can learn about your business and advise on how much cloud storage you will require.