Back Up your Systems!

20th March 2012
Office with people working on laptops, computers and tablets

Having been established for over 25 years HardSoft appreciate the importance of Data Backup. In that time we have had two server failures that have led us to restore from back up. It is a fact that 80% of businesses who suffer a complete data loss go out of business within 6 months.

Hardsoft offer leasing on the Lacie 2big storage Whether you have a standalone Apple Mac or PC or a network of machines you must have your data backed up regularly. Data loss amongst home users is very common- 66% in fact. Obviously you cannot afford to lose data in your business. Our lease scheme offers an inexpensive way to obtain a robust data storage and backup solution quickly and with only 1 months outlay. High end storage can be expensive but leasing with HardSoft makes the unaffordable now very affordable.

For standalone users or small networks we can offer the Lacie 2big 4TB Thunderbolt Drive for £ 5.45 + vat per week. With new fast Thunderbolt technology and being Apple Time Capsule compatible you can rely on this for regular daily automated backups. The Promise Pegasus R4 4TB desktop Raid drive is only £ 7.50 + vat per week and offers connections by both Thunderbolt or a normal network connection. So this is ideal for a small business network and long term has interchangeable hard drives so is easy to upgrade if you need more space. Best value for large data storage is the G-Tech G-Raid 6TB storage solution at only £ 4.70 + vat per week, lots of space but slightly limited as only has USB connectivity and is a sealed unit so cannot be upgraded in the future.

We also accommodate solutions on a low cost flexible lease for larger network users with heavy duty Backup solutions such as the Drobo Pro 8TB on lease at £ 15.80 per week. The Drobo Pro has 8 bays and can go upto 24GB of storage and with fast Ethernet connection links into your network HardSoft offer leasing of Drobo storageeasily. The cheaper Drobo FS 5TB device is only £ 7.50 per week on lease from HardSoft and has the features of the Drobo Pro but without the exapandability.  As Drobo Certified Partners we have the expertises and trained technicians to implement either solution into your business. Hardsoft have certified Apple technicians that can install.

HardSoft flexible lease solutions offer a low cost way to get a Backup or Storage solution that is correct for your business and your environment whether PC or Apple Mac. Our leases are 100% tax deductible and allow you to upgrade every 2 years; so as your storage needs grow then we can adapt the lease and the monthly rental costs to suit.

With a wide choice of storage solutions available we can design the perfect storage solution. Ask us.