B2B Computer Flexi-Leasing Explained

26th August 2020
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What’s unique about HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease?

Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own

Our Flexi-Lease allows you to renew after 24 months* a unique option giving you the very latest equipment for affordable monthly payments, much the same as upgrading your mobile phone. Flexi-Lease offers true flexibility to add more devices as you need them, with a variety of options on spec and manufacturer. At the end of the lease, you can purchase equipment for just £1, guaranteed. Our competitors don’t do this. They only offer a purchase option at the end for fair market value, a sum not agreed on upfront which can be surprisingly expensive.

We offer leases to new startups and competitive discounts for larger orders. Our three-year warranty also includes free loan device, free accidental damage cover, and technical support. Trading over 25 years, we are fully Apple authorised and HP preferred partners, along with many other major manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo. We can help and advise you by phone, webchat or email, or use our easy online ordering and receive equipment in just 48 hours.

Change, Continue, Cancel – the benefits of Mac Leasing

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*Change, Continue, Cancel by HardSoft is a unique way to get new computers whilst managing your costs. There are 3 options 24 months into your lease designed to give you full control. When you reach the two-year point, your dedicated account manager will be in touch to explain these options.

How does it work?

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Technology changes at a rapid pace, meaning that your devices can become outdated during a 3-year lease, and if this is the case you can change them. Your account manager will contact you and ask what you’d like to do after 2 years, if you want to change your devices it’s much like renewing your mobile phone, you keep the old device and get a new one. The first lease is cancelled and a new one starts when you take deliver of the new one. Allowing you to keep up to date with all of the latest tech. Costs may vary depending on the specification of your new device, but often they remain a similar amount as before.

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When you choose our Flexi-Lease you can always change your mind. Flexi-Lease isn’t called Flexi for nothing! Once you’ve reached the halfway point of your lease, you can change at any time. Continuing means you simply keep the existing equipment, complete your lease as agreed and carry on paying the final year, then for just £1 +VAT you get ownership of your equipment.

Gray banner with the title "CANCEL."

If, after two years, you should choose to return your Mac devices, we can cancel the remaining year of your agreement. All outstanding payments are cancelled, we charge you £75 to collect and securely erase the data on your device. There is a little small print to note on this; we are unable to cancel agreements for software, or any which include a ‘Renewal and Upgrade’ of a previous agreement. So it’s not possible to do a ‘Change’ option then ‘Cancel’ afterwards. We also can’t cancel a contract for PCs.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s just like your mobile phone contract, but better! Whichever device you choose, you can be assured that a technology refresh is not out of reach, call one of our expert team today on 020 7111 1643, or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk to find out how change, continue, cancel can work for you.