AutoCAD LT 2014 for MAC !

29th March 2012
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Last year we were thrilled to write about this Windows based product moving to Apple Mac and being made available for all computer users, AutoCAD for macwhatever their systems and needs. The fact is that more and more CAD professionals have moved across the Mac in the most recent years and Autodesk are finally realising this. Macs have faster CPU’s than PC’s and are generally more reliable hence the move to the Mac.
After its first year on iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, as LT 2013 AutoCAD has released its 2014 version and we are just as excited as you are to find out what’s new and improved with this hugely popular professional CAD software.
In summary, the new AutoCAD LT2014 is more interactive, this means that you can now use the new design feed social collaboration and confidently shares your designs on Facebook and other social networks. While the rest of your life is played out in the social media sphere, now your designs and your proudest work can be as well. Not only this, but the new live maps and geolocation tools allow you to connect to real-world environments, while the TrustedDWG technology ensures that any sharing of your work is safe and secure and that you can be confident showing your work across social websites.
mac pro softwareAs well as these more social aspects of the new AutoCAD LT, you’ll also find many smaller tools that have been created to make your experience of AutoCAD LT on your Mac better than ever. Text alignment, auto correct and a comprehensive design feed are new components of this software that you will wonder how you ever lived without.
AutoCAD LT can be used for design professional in all industries that require full DWG file format compatibility, and the new TrustedDWG technology ensures that you can be confident in file saving again and again. While AutoCAD LT only provides 2D capabilities, it is by far the biggest selling drafting and detailing product for 2D design and enables design professionals to work more efficiently and with less hassle thinks to its intuitive tools and systems, and well as the newly introduced components in the 2014 version.
One of the most intuitive aspects of the Mac version of AutoCAD LT is that it is designed with a specialised Mac interface. Unlike some other autocad for macproducts that are produced from Windows software, AutoCAD LT is built for the Mac and works together with everything else on the Mac. What’s more, is that in this version of AutoCAD you can extend your desktop to the cloud, meaning that whether or not you are in the office, you can always be working on your drafts and designs. From your tablet or smartphone, AutoCAD has 360 connectivity wherever you are.
So get your AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac today – here at HardSoft we lease the world’s number one selling 2D drafting and detailing product for as little as just £10.90 + VAT per week. Upgrade versions are available if you already have the 2013 version, just get in touch with us and we can work out a solution for you. There is for a short period a £175 cashback rebate for upgraders.
Leasing software has many benefits and HardSoft have been established for over 25 years offering business leasing on hardware as well.  With the new 27” iMac starting at £14.70 + VAT per week on a flexible finance lease, and the new 2013  Mac Pro starting at £21.60 + VAT per week;  HardSoft Computers provide with the hardware and software to run your business – all with three years support! Contact the HardSoft Leasing team on 0207 1111 643 or email Macs also run Windows software for a little extra so you can have the best of both worlds.
As an alternative to Autocad  from Autodesk we can also lease software from Vectorworks which up to now has been the the only CAD/CAM software for the Apple Mac. TurboCad Mac completes the choices of CAD software available to lease for the Apple Mac.