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7th November 2016
Group project work on an Apple desktop

If you are just starting up, HardSoft are still able to help you with your leasing and finance. It is unusual for a company to be so supportive to those just starting out but HardSoft make a special effort to help new businesses get up and running. We will offer the same terms and conditions if you are an established company or you started trading last week. We will also not discriminate between sole traders and limited companies. HardSoft are willing to commit between £1000-£15000 of lease finance which can be used on hardware or software.Apple iMac Sierra
Getting you started! It is so hard for a new business to establish a credit history and often you will have to incur a guarantee against your home. A HardSoft lease will require your private address to trace your credit history and some recent bank statements- for your business or personal ones. We just need to prove that you can make the monthly lease payments. If it is difficult to assess then we could require 3 months payment up front. If you have set up a new limited company, a Limited Directors indemnity may be required. The first payment will be one month’s payment equivalent. Sometimes we will set the term at 24 rather than 36 months also. We have helped many successful start- up businesses lease with new computers…..
ShowTime Analytics is in Dublin We assisted this Irish start- up . They offer software to help cinema owners analyse their customers. This is a Start Up with no accounts filed. We have now completed 2 orders with them , shipping ten Macs so far and we have pre-approved them for a further kit, when they need it quickly.Showtime Analytics
marionete Data Specialists Marionete Ltd- another Start up Located in SE London, we have 30 MacBook’s to their London office and their office in Portugal. Taking advantage of our ‘Pure rental’ agreement the customer will be returning kit at the end of the contract which is 24 months.
The successful e-tailer started with the original two women, Holly and Sophie, founders back in 2006. We supplied many PC and Mac systems as well as printers back then. This is now a very successful company with a multi million pound turnover.
Leasing remains most tax efficient method of acquiring new computers for a start-up…..

  • Immediate use of the equipment without paying the full price.
  • Free up credit for other financial agreements, such a bank loans.
  • The cost is fixed, helping to simplify your budget!
  • Leasing can be offset against your annual taxable profits- that is 100% tax relief.
  • HardSoft do not charge large set up fees or put a ‘charge’ on your home.

start up leasing computersWe have been so successful with helping  to support new start-ups that we have been appointed an official Corporate Partner to the government funded scheme to provide start- up loans to new businesses. The ‘Start- Up Loans’ scheme, help new businesses by offering low cost loans in return for mentoring. If you have been approved on this scheme, we are able to offer you a lease!
Lease your IT today and save your cash! Leasing is a flexible alternative to purchasing, offering renewals and upgrades in the duration of your contract. You will also be able to take advantage of our warranty and telephone technical support for the duration of your lease. If you would like to check if your business qualifies, then contact our sales team at or call 0207 111 1643. As a finance specialist and reseller for multiple companies, we can offer you the right IT at a reasonable price to suit you!

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