Ryan Kelly a member of the Apple sales team at HardSoft expresses his personal opinion …..  “Apple have long been the one company who haveCreative Professional dictated to the buyer exactly what they need in their lives rather than reacting to consumer noise and to be fair to them it has been a successful model. At HardSoft the question we have heard a fair bit of right now is have Apple taken this too far ?

iDVD has been phased out of iLife which looks to be part of a move from Apple to condemn physical media in favour of Cloud based solutions (iCloud) which is strange considering it would cost nothing to continue supporting both. Couple this with the stream lining of Final Cut Pro which received a “luke warm” reaction from critics and long term users of the product alike, it appears Apple are moving toward the Home User it now enjoys the attention of, thanks in our opinion to iPad and iPhone. While doing this are they forgetting the people who helped get them where they are today? The bread and butter of their business in years gone by are the Creative Professionals, are they now getting a rough deal as Apple look to the Future?

The final step could be in the coming year with rumours abound about the fact they may be about to discontinue the Mac Pro! At HardSoft our leasing makes high end Macs affordable and people are asking where is that new Mac Pro ?  74% of Apples business is portables so they could be forgiven for making that choice and the fact that the current model doesn’t work with their latest tech (Thunderbolt) just seems to support the idea the product has taken a step back in Apple’s view. For most High End video editors the Mac Pro is the only product which can be expanded to support their needs fully, if this giant of the Apple range does go do they force those in Broadcasting back down the road to PC Workstations ? We at HardSoft hope we see a new Mac Pro for the New Year but if I was a gambling man I wouldn’t put money on it”

Author is Ryan Kelly – ryan.k@hardsoft.co.uk


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