Apple Mac Servers- Which one ?

2nd June 2011
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Mac Mini Server vs. Mac Pro Server….. Which does a small business choose ?
Our leasing sales at HardSoft, of these Snow Leopard Servers, are heavily biased towards the Mac Mini Server. The loss of the Xserve from the Apple line up was disappointing to many and Apple chose an uprated Mac Pro as its successor. Sales though of the Server have been poor and the cheaper – but less powerful – Mac Mini Server has been the dominant  Apple product.
The differences between the two are quite awesome really. The Mac Mini is a Core 2 based product with maximum of 8Gb ram and limited hard drive storage. The Mac Pro Server features the Xeon CPU , with up to 4 internal hard drives and the ability to use SAS drives or RAID arrays, Ram can be expanded up to 32Gb and as it uses standard PCI Express expansion then various third party options can be fitted. Price difference between the two is quite awesome as well. The Mac Mini Server starts at £ 7.70  per week on a three-year flexible business lease ; whilst the Mac Pro Server starts at £ 19.95  per week. Prices exclude VAT. An enhanced three years warranty is included on all lease Apple Macs from HardSoft.
Our conclusion is that you have up to 5 Macs then the Mac Mini Server is fine beyond that look at a Mac Pro as the lack of expansion will be the issue. Contact us if you want to weigh up the pros and cons of each.
HardSoft  Mac Server packages can include installation and cabling options and we have three levels of support including a full on site warranty option with loan machine facility.