Apple Mac Leasing to Eire

3rd February 2012
Group standing and looking at laptop

You may not know but over the last year or two but HardSoft Computers  have actively been making IT leasing available to businesses inIreland Ireland and Scandinavia. This was supported with the launch of our Irish Website .
To Irish customers the offerings are almost identical to those available in the UK with the exception of the payment is in Euros (arranged via a Dublin office). HardSoft are an Authorised Apple Reseller for Ireland.   If you are interested to see what we can offer you standard online ordering can be done and you can contact us for all your Apple needs.
Scandinavian MapFor anyone in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands then we can lease Apple Macs to businesses with little issue at all as long as you are an established company with 2 years trading history. The Lease warranty still works the same with us covering costs of collection, repair and return under the terms of your Lease.  Or you can go to your local Apple Store as all Macs have a worldwide warranty. We can have Keyboards changed to suit national requirement  at no extra costso we are well positioned to handle most concerns you might have from sourcing your new Apple kit from a UK Reseller.
European but not in Eire or Scandinavia – then contact with your nationality and we will research the possibilities of leasing to your country.