Apple Learning Lab for Schools

11th April 2014
People working on tablets and computers

The truth is that most technology is out of date within minutes of you buying it, so much so that not only businesses and individuals struggle to stay ahead, but schools do too.ipad leasing for schools
This is why leasing technological equipment from HardSoft is the best solution for your school, and we have teamed up with Apple to make this leasing experience hassle free and convenient for your school, students and their learning.
Established since 1983, HardSoft Computers is an official Apple Approved reseller and is recommended by the Department of Education. We offer an operating lease of equipment for schools that ticks all of the boxes required by the government, and more!
HardSoft offer iPad leasing packages for schools that are configured to suit your needs and all of our iPad leases come with an Apple Learning lab that is designed and made by Apple specifically for use in education. This unique and innovative piece of equipment allows you to roll digital learning into any classroom and manage up to 30 iPads using the Apple Mobile Device Management system.
The unit sits on wheels and is enclosed, housing 30 iPads safely and securely while they charge. The Learning Lab also includes another large device through which you can configure the iPads while they are housed. Apple has created their Mobile Learning Lab especially to create easier methods of bringing a digital learning environment into any classroom. And the best part is that the Learning Lab is flexible and rolls easily, so, depending on your school size, you only need to hire one set of 30 iPads and they can be used across the entire school.

Bretford trolley ipad leasing
The Bretford Powersync trolley for iPads

Also available for use with MacBooks, the Learning Lab allows your school to put learning directly into the hands of your students and deliver curriculum in new and exciting ways. Brighten up your core modules and bring energy and creativity into the classroom with iPad enhanced learning apps, all streamlined in one flexible and transportable unit. Content on the iPads can be synced with your classroom Mac and many other devices, allowing you to ensure synchronised student learning throughout.
Each Apple iPad Learning Lab includes a compact and durable rolling cart that stores and charges multiple devices, also keeping them secure when not in use. This solution is not only cost effective for your school but will also give you peace of mind when bringing technology into the classroom.
Leasing all of this equipment from HardSoft will not only get your school the technology it needs within convenient and flexible housing, it will also allow your school more flexibility in keeping up with technology developments.
Leasing with HardSoft over three years entitles you to the kind of benefits that you won’t get it you buy directly from Apple. Your iPads and Learning Lab will all be covered by a full 3 year warranty and insurance that covers accidental damage as well as theft or loss. Without this level of cover, that isn’t currently offered by Apple, schools are responsible for damage to iPads by students or teachers, leaving them vulnerable to costly fees.
HardSoft is also proud to offer an equipment renewal/upgrade feature as part of our three year lease, entitling you to a new Learning Lab filled with the latest Apple iPads if you renew your lease after three years.
The cost of leasing from HardSoft over three years with all of these benefits actually works out cheaper than buying direct from Apple. Starting at £6.05 per month, you can’t say fairer than that!