9 reasons you should get a Mac

1.  Macs are consistently consistent – Every time Microsoft does an upgrade, it moves some things around.  OS X’s logical, minimalist interface simply involves fewer things that must be learned and relearned, and Apple messes less with it in new releases such as Leopard.

2. The joy of predictability – The average Apple Mac is less flaky than the average PC. Macs Crash less, suffer from fewer inexplicable slowdowns, deal better with tight memory situations, and boot up and shut down quicker.

3. Who needs security headaches? – A Mac owner who uses no security software at all runs less risk of being infected by spyware or a virus than a Windows user who obsessively protects his or her PC.

4. Crud, or the lack thereof  – Windows is an infinitely better operating system when it isn’t smothered by unwantedware that so many PC manufacturers splay on. Macs are utterly free of such junk.

5. Details Count – There are Windows PC’s that match a Mac’s specifications for a lot less money, but it won’t have an AC adapter, a MagSafe connector or an oversized touchpad and it will likely be heavier and bulkier than a comparable Mac.

 6. Apple is one of the world’s best software companies – Apple’s applications are useful, enjoyable and innovative, from the iLife creativity suite to industrial-strength tools such as Final Cut Pro. (Most run only on OS X.)

 7. The Apple Store’s Genius Bar is cool – Buy a Mac, and you qualify for free in-person technical support from a patient rep with a deep knowledge of your system.

8. Macs are PCs  ?- Leopards’ Boot Camp feature let you run Windows 7 Pro and Windows applications on a Mac. (However this can degrade some of the other virtues of the Mac, such as protection from Windows security risks.)

9.Resale Values- Forget the fact that your Mac is going to cost you more than a PC. After 3 years its still worth 30% of the original value. Just consider how much a PC is worth after 3 years – nothing ?

HardSoft have been offering PC’s for over 20 years but in the last 2 years the Apple Mac has eaten into the traditional small bsuisness market. 50% of sales are now Macs. Most are suppled on a flexible lease option with MacBookn Pros from £9.20 per week and Apple imacs from£8.95 per week. Have a look at our website.


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