7 Reasons to Register your Devices into Apple Business Manager

23rd October 2020
Apple Business Manager Free Enrolment from HardSoft

Take back Ownership of your Own devices!

Apple Business Manager is a free, easy to use web-based tool designed to help a business manage all of their Apple devices, apps, and Apple IDs all from one place. Being able to control device deployment, volume purchase, and distribute content, and manage roles in the organisation, guarantees employees will receive the solutions needed for their workday, no matter where they are located.

This tool can only be used on Apple devices leased or purchased from an Apple Authorised stockist such as HardSoft. Apple devices from places like the Apple Store, PC World, John Lewis etc. are treated as consumer purchases by Apple, and therefore cannot be enrolled

7 reasons to register existing and new devices into Apple Business Manager

1. It’s completely FREE!
There’s no cost, so no risk. Every organisation that uses Apple devices should get this set up immediately, just ask any Apple Engineer.

2. Validate Company-Owned Devices
Did you know that Apple defaults all devices to consumer-owned? If you want your device to be seen as owned by your business, you need to set up and enrol your devices in Apple Business Manager.

3. Manage your Devices
Apple Business Manager is NOT a device manager, but it does have a record of all orders and serial numbers for your devices purchases under the organisation.

4. Managed Apple IDs
This feature allows you to keep business and personal accounts separate, meaning employees can use built-in apps like Notes and iCloud.

5. To Purchase Apps
Apple Business Manager allows the business, rather than individual employees, to buy apps and distribute them across to users. You can also easily revoke and redistribute these apps as devices and employees change over time.

6. To Override Activation Lock
Even though they are company-owned, employees will normally use their personal Apple IDs to log into their iOS and Mac devices. This can cause an issue if an employee doesn’t log out before returning the device. Apple Business Manager allows you to override Activation Lock in conjunction with your MDM software. One major reason to use Apple Business Manager is to avoid company-owned Macs being “locked” by employees via their Apple IDs. This is an issue we see regularly with new clients, and unlocking those devices is not only painful, but it can also often be impossible.

7. There is No Downside
Apple Business Manager is something that you can set up for your business, but it’s not always easy! Here at HardSoft we have a dedicated team that can do all the paperwork and complicated stuff for you, all you need to do is click “Agree” in an email from Apple and we do the rest.

So, why aren’t you using Apple Business Manager? Let us enrol your new devices and existing Apple devices.

Do you Need More Control over your Apple Devices?

Apple Business Manager can additionally be paired with a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solution such as Jamf or Cisco Meraki. MDMs provide a comprehensive and efficient way for a business to enrol devices, deploy content, and delegate administrative privileges. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager works with both Apple and Windows devices, providing IT Teams with a simple, single solution.

6 Benefits of an MDM Solution

1. Locate Devices
In the event that a device is Lost MDM services can help locate the device or alternatively if it cannot be recovered, ensure that any company data is erased and the device locked against further use.

2. Remotely Wipe Devices
If your Mac or iPhone is lost then it’s simply two clicks to secure it. It’s a more sophisticated version of ‘Find my Device’.

3. Restrict and Control Apps
Give users the apps the company wants to use, perhaps Outlook rather than Mail, and don’t allow users to be distracted by League of Legends!

4. Zero-Touch Deployment
Within the MDM portal you can define your user’s profile in advance of a roll-out; even down to defining the Home Page on Safari. A new device is delivered sealed and secure, and as soon as your user connects to the internet the pre-determined profile is all the user sees, with the device is locked to the company so they cannot alter it.

5. Security
Macs get Viruses too! Ensure users are using your company-owned security software such as Sophos or Barracuda and ensure everything is fully protected.

6. Push Updates
Apple annually releases a new OS. This year it’s macOS 11 – Big Sur. It has some great new features and an MDM solution will allow you centrally to update all of your devices, for instance on a Sunday when they’re not needed by your users.

Ask HardSoft about registering your Apple devices and possible integration with an MDM solution. With these two combined, your business can automate the process of on boarding new employees and keep track of your devices, whilst keeping them secure at the same time.

Give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk to talk through all of your Apple Business Manager and MDM needs.