5G And Your New iPad

19th January 2022
5G and your iPad

More data, faster speeds, lower latency, and more reliability for your connectivity. That’s the experience that is now possible on iPad.

Lower Latency

Following on from their iPhones, Apple is enabling 5G on certain iPad models. The feature was first seen on the iPhone 12.

Users can now install OS updates over 5G and control their iPads access to more data for their apps and tools while using 5G.

The 2021 iPad Pro will be a 5G model and the latest OS update will allow users to enable 5G on the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (5th Gen), the iPad Pro 11 inch (3rd Gen) and the iPad Mini (6th Gen).

Depending on your device and carrier, 5G may be switched on automatically, but with others it will need to be manually enabled. For users with 5G mobile network carriers and unlimited data plans, this change should occur automatically for all usage. This means your apps would use more data over 5G straight away. There are numerous experience quality and productivity benefits to this, although there is a drain on battery life. Newer iPads will be released with superior battery technology to help compensate.

However, the new OS update will give users granular control to select whether to use LTE, 5G Always or Auto mode. This will allow battery usage balancing with 5G.

New iPad with 5G

Requirements for 5G on iPad

  • Your device must be a 2021 iPad Pro, or 5th Gen iPad Pro 12.9 inch, or iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd Gen, or an iPad Mini 6th Gen.
  • You must have installed the latest OS update with 5G enabling.
  • You must be with a network provider that offers 5G coverage. Vodafone and O2 both provide 5G.
  • You must have a network data plan with that carrier that allows 5G.
  • If your device requires manual enabling, you must go to your Settings, select Mobile Data and then there may be several options of 5G data.
  • You must be in a 5G coverage area. More 5G towers are being built in the UK but not all areas can utilise 5G yet.

Types Of Data Options On 5G iPads

When enabling or editing your data manually in your settings, you can control how you use 5G. You can disable 5G and use LTE only. This is great for preserving battery life, but you won’t receive any of the fantastic 5G benefits. 5G is better than most Wi-Fi with its high speeds and ability to have more connected devices with no to little drop in quality experience.

You can have 5G permanently switched on to always use 5G even in Wi Fi zones for an exceptional experience on your apps.

Logos Enhanced

The final option uses a Smart Data setting to balance 5G for optimised usage with battery conservation based on your data plan. This is a particularly interesting feature to give iPad owners the best experience possible.

Hardsoft, Businesses, 5G and iPads

The reliability of 5G will be a big benefit to businesses. Employees who are out visiting clients or doing field work can utilise their iPads more effectively. Their productivity will increase with the faster speeds and increased data usage. This enables them to produce their best work whether in the office or when out and about.

Hardsoft is helping business supply 5G iPads to their staff. In addition to leasing 5G iPads, we can offer extra free data, and Mobile Broadband with Vodafone or O2.