maximise your high end 27inch imac

Apple iMac 27″

The latest line of Apple iMacs have been with us some time now and stock is at long last completely available on all standard models, even special builds are down to that expected 5-10 working days. With this in mind and the fact the Mac Pro is increasingly scarce (not to mention discontinued in the EU) we thought it was time to investigate five thing you can do to your iMac 27” to make it a complete power house for editing. So take a look at the five items below and consider the low impact these will have on cost if you take them as bolt-ons to your new HardSoft Flexible Lease.

All upgrades below are in addition to the iMac 27” – Quad Core i5 – 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM (HardSoft Upgrade to 16GB FREE), 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX675MX (1GB) Graphics all for only £15.20 + VAT per week on Lease.

Step 1 – The iMac 27” carries an impressive Quad core i5 processor which while powerful is no means the crème de la crème of processing available on the latest iMac, why not opt for the i7 (Quad) 3.4GHz option with Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz, This option is yours for just an extra £1.50 + VAT per week.

Step 2 – Apple are unfortunately limiting access the end user has to his own retro fitted upgrades as a way to charge a premium for in house options instead, fortunately they haven’t resorted to soldering the RAM in to the 27” iMac just yet which means we can offer the best possible RAM upgrades for a snip of the Apple Price ! This machine can go to a whopping 32GB RAM which Apple would charge you £480 for, on Lease this could be yours for just an extra £0.99p + VAT per week.

drobo (1)Step 3 – Hard Drives are a great way to make a machine faster improving speeds to write data and things as simple as near instant booting, not something you can expect from the normal 1TB option. You can instead opt for 3TB fusion drive for masses of space and a little 128GB Flash Drive which intelligently learns how you work to speed up numerous processors by utilizing the solid state component. This is a bargain at £2.95 + VAT per week or if you are feeling more flush and there is no need for all that space how about a 768GB Flash option for a considerably higher £8.95 + VAT per week.

Step 4 – This Apple does have a fairly impressive Graphics card in the GeForce GTX675MX with its dedicated 1GB DDR5 video memory but what if we said you could double that! Yes 2GB DDR5 in one upgrade – the GTX680MX Card which will add £1.20 + VAT per week.

Step 5 – Peripherals – Thanks to Thunderbolt you can add all kinds of exciting goodies to this machine so why not call and discuss the options, to name just a few you could Dual Screen with a 27” Thunderbolt display for masses of Screen real estate or how about a Thunderbolt RAID system from Drobo to protect your data with inspired beyond RAID backup while increasing your storage solution to a massive 10TB’s if you were so inclined.

So in summary the sky really is the limit with the standard iMac 27” and all this could be yours from the factory in as few as 5-10 working days. So contact one of our sales staff on 01279 718 693 or alternatively email and get the best possible price on your maxed out iMac today!



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