3 Flexible Leasing R's

20th December 2010
devices for teams by HardSoft - DaaS without Faff

return&RenewWordAs from 1st January 2011 HardSoft Computers is to enhance the flexibility of its leasing packages.
For all new orders for Apple Macs on our three year business leasing is now the  option to return the Mac after 24 months without paying any further lease payments……..
We are calling this the “3 Flexible Leasing R’s” .   Our unique leases are 3 years, however after 2 years you can opt to RETURN your equipment early*; RENEW your lease and get the latest Macs at a similar cost and keep the original Macs from your first HardSoft Flexi-Lease or RETAIN the original equipment on lease and own it for £39 after three years