is available …But beware the offer on the Apple Store (operated by Apple Financial Services) is  NOT ZERO…To keep it at the end up you have to 0% financingpay a FAIR MARKET VALUE . A Mac retains its resale value like no other computer so the  fee at the end of the 24 months could be as much as 30% of the original cost. HardSoft offer a genuine 0% finance lease.

On a new £2000 Apple Mac Pro purchased today on an Apple Store zero per cent business lease the monthly rentals will typically be as follows… £2000 spread over24 month is circa £83 per month then fair market price at end is the additional £ 750. So it’s technically £2750 to own the Mac .

HardSoft Computers offer a zero per cent lease amongst our standard 3 year lease and finance options for Apple Macs that are GENUINE 0% financing for business. We dont include flexible upgrade options on the 24 month interest free option for Macs, but at least it’s 0% as you get to keep the kit………..As an example …..iMac 27″ -i7-3.4GHz, with 16gb ram, AppleCare & Microsoft Office 2011 is on the Apple Store at £2181.62 plus VAT. We can offer this over 24 equal payment of £90.90 and you get to keep it at the end of the lease. There are no setup fees on this lease.

Note not all configurations of Apple Mac are available from HardSoft with 0% financing and the offers are only available to businesses established for one years or more. For more details on interest free please make contact.




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  1. Killian

    Can you tell me where it states there’s a “fair market value” fee to pay at the end of the agreement? I’ve looked everywhere on Apple’s site and I can’t see it.