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5th October 2021
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We’re also an Apple Approved Reseller, and our goal is to offer unique and flexible packages to suit each businesses tech and finance needs. 

One of the solutions we offer is Devices for Teams, which is our flexible Device as a Service “DaaS” solution, but we’ll talk more about that shortly. 

The iMac 24”, MacBook Air, and 13” MacBook Pro are part of a rollout of updated Apple devices that utilise Apple’s M1 chip rather than using Intel chip technology.

Over the coming year, Apple will transition ALL their Mac devices to their own Apple chip. A change to Apple devices built around their own Apple M1 Chip may feel like a giant leap to many for some organisations. 

We are coming through a Pandemic and moving from Intel to Apple M1 chip may feel daunting but we are all here, us and Apple to make this leap seamless.

Apple M1 Chip offers numerous technical advantages to a business. M1 means more battery life, faster CPU performance, improved graphics and more.

HardSoft are an expert in companies taking the Giant Leap and have built a toolbox of support to make that giant leap a lot smaller

free 72 hour trial

Firstly…We offer free trials of the latest MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air devices for 72-hours! This should give you enough time to road-test the software you use on the Apple M1 chip and feel the difference. 

We can arrange delivery and collection to and from any location that suits you. There’s no charge and no obligations

We also offer a free 1-2-1 chat with one of our Solutions Engineers. Gavin and Scott may be familiar to some of you Whether it is questions about deployment, compatibility, or anything else, they are available for a 30-minute session where you and them can Brainstorm the issues. 

We all know Macs have great residual value, so why not realise that value with our simple Trade-in scheme. 

Don’t be too embarrassed to ask if you think your Mac or Windows device is too old! Just send us the serial numbers and we’ll come back to you with a valuation. From there we’ll arrange to collect your device, and the cash will be in your bank within a few days.

If you have older Mac or PC laptops that are not working and you just don’t know what to do with them, you’ll be pleased to know we have a Recycling Initiative. 

Again we’ll pick up your machine and give you a £100 discount on a new Apple device, Working or not. 

If you want to go greener then we will plant 5 trees on your behalf instead. That’s 5 tons of CO2 offset

switch devices

For some companies though, the biggest barrier to leaping towards the Apple M1 chip is simply affordability. The Pandemic may have hit hard and may have affected your cash situation. 

This is where leasing comes in. Over the last few years leasing has finally evolved into a solution that now fits a modern organisation.

Device as a Service is the buzzword for this new type of leasing solution. Not only does it spread the costs, but it also brings the benefits of support and deployment and flexibility.

Devices for Teams offers businesses true flexibility. A feature that is missing from all other DaaS solutions and is unique to us,

add devices

You can Switch, Add, and even Return devices….as your business needs change…

If you want to Switch between an iMac 24” and a MacBook Air as your user needs change then we can do that. Switch to what you need, when you need to without fear of hidden fees and penalties.

If you need to expand your business then we can easily Add devices – shipping a new device to your end-user within 48 hours. There’s minimal paperwork and no fees.

We live in changing times. It’s difficult to predict where your business is heading. Uniquely our Premium solution allows the Return of redundant or excess kits without a Penalty. If you follow a purchase model that would normally mean scrapping devices with financial losses to the organisation.

Devices For Teams also gives you full technical support. That’s troubleshooting, on-site servicing, pre-configuration and deployment 

Plus logistics to get the Mac to your employee whether they are in Manchester or Spain. And when it arrives we will have ensured it’s ready to use. No need to go via your IT Department. 

apple business manager

We can enrol your Apple devices before shipping them to Apple Business Manager. If you want to go further and manage remote devices centrally then we can help with an MDM with Jamf or CISCO Meraki 

There are numerous Device as a Service solutions becoming available. A key feature of our Devices for Teams solution is that we are not just the supplier of your new iMac or Macbook, nor are we just the geeks that look after it…

We are also the people that provide the financing as well and have provided credit facilities to over 1000 businesses. There is no mystery bank or third party leasing company to contend with, True transparency all under one roof.

HardSoft are experts in Mac, Experts in Financing and Experts in getting business done.