Utilise The Best PC Products With Hardware Leasing

26th November 2021
PC hardware with leasing

By embracing computer hardware leasing, businesses can gain access to the highest quality PC products without the immediate financial shock of buying.

Companies, especially smaller SMBs face two significant hurdles when it comes to buying computer hardware.

  1. When buying in bulk, computer hardware is a large financial expenditure all in one go.

  2. When buying individually, it is still expensive, but now also inconvenient and a hassle.
Galaxy Book Pro

In scenario one, a business is either just setting up, or their current equipment is old, and they are upgrading. You would be buying hardware in bulk for all your current staff and departments.

Scenario two is when one, or a small handful of new employees join the company as it expands. Other staff may not require new hardware at this time but there is not enough to go around.

Both situations include an outgoing expenditure. Computer hardware is always reasonably expensive compared with other office equipment and even other electronics. However, it is an unavoidable addition since nearly all companies require computer equipment for their workers.

It is also likely that both situations could entail downtime and lost productivity during the installation and setup of the devices. In addition to this, whether the hardware is bulk bought, or individual devices are purchased, both come with risk. If staff leave the company or the structure of a department changes, hardware can become redundant, excess, or dead weight.

Why You Must Upgrade Your PC Products Regularly

There’s also the issue of rapidly advancing technology. There is a plethora of high performing PC devices in the market today that can fulfil every business niche. With business laptops, smartphones, and tablets, your employees have flexible tech to develop their best work.

The problem is that the PC technology market is advancing so quickly that hardware can become obsolete very quickly. Businesses need the best tech in order to stay relevant against competitors. They cannot achieve this if they hold on to hardware for many years. In a corporate setting, old equipment is also a cyber security liability.

Buying hardware leads into the trap of obsoletion very quickly.

Discover The Best PC Hardware With Leasing

Computer hardware leasing solutions like Hardsoft’s Flexi-Lease can dissolve all these problems while providing the latest PC products.

Hardsoft have been certified resellers of the best PC products from top manufacturers for over 30 years. Our experts know their ways around ever single device in our arsenal.

We can advise on which hardware will best suit your staff and help you upgrade when the time is right.

Microsoft Reseller

Hardsoft stock state-of-the-art computer hardware including everyday and premium business laptops from Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo.

Whether it’s Galaxy Books, Microsoft Surface tablets, or ThinkPads, we can help you lease them on a simple three-year contract with easy, affordable, and predictable monthly payments.

As experienced resellers we can help you wade through the options that computer hardware has to offer. From standard admin work laptops, to sophisticated 2 in 1 devices, pro range tablets and creative drawing tablets, there’s a great deal to help every industry produce the best work.

Highly portable yet powerful PC laptops are some of our most popular products in the current climate. The world of work is moving towards dynamic and light devices that balance powerful performance, speed, and flexibility.

Staff need to work in the office, remotely, at clients’ businesses, at home and while commuting. This style of on-the-go work and video conferencing is spawning a range of smart PC devices. We’re seeing more and more computer equipment that can carry out multiple roles. Laptops that can be tablets, computers with drawing touchscreens for the advanced graphical design, ridiculously powerful machines that are extremely light, small and with exceptional battery life.

With an in-depth insight into how the business landscape and the technology landscape are evolving, Hardsoft can select the ideal devices for your team. By choosing to lease them, rather than buy, you can then have access to the most advanced tech in an affordable way and update them as new technology is born.

Try Flexi-Lease For Simpler Leasing With More Benefits

Flexi-Lease is one of several leasing solutions that Hardsoft offer, but it’s easily the most popular. That is because it comes with a host of benefits while being extremely straightforward. On top of spreading the cost of your hardware, it reduces downtime and takes away much of the additional management hassle that comes with owning computer hardware.

Hardsoft can help you maintain and manage the hardware, so you can focus on running your business. The lease is also incredibly simple with no hidden surprises. The best part is that it is bespoke and customisable around your business circumstances.

Benefits Of Flexi-Lease

Tax benefits – Leased computer equipment is 100% tax deductible on an OPEX system.

Improve cashflow – Spread the cost of hardware into predictable, smaller monthly payments.

Inexpensive – Leasing isn’t a premium solution. There are many leasing packages for businesses of all sizes. Leasing also includes a lot more support to eliminate hidden costs that typically come with owning the hardware.

Upgrades – Leasing solutions like Flexi-Lease make it easy to upgrade and futureproof your IT technology.

Adjustable at 2 years – While Flexi-Lease is a three-year lease, it is hyper adjustable and lets you tweak the terms of your lease after only two years, including cancelling if you need to.

Work towards ownership without the hassle – at two years on Flexi-Lease you can upgrade your devices while keeping the old ones, simply continue working towards ownership with your originally leased items, or cancel your lease, penalty-free.

Simplicity Of Flexi-Lease

No worrying about maintenance – Hardsoft will manage the installation, configuration, and ongoing management and upkeep of all your leased devices with us.

Accidental damage cover

Extensive support – Flexi-Lease includes a comprehensive support wrapper, so you have a constant partner in your computer technology needs. Hardsoft can assist with troubleshooting compatibility, adding to MDMs, deployment and more. We are renowned for our fantastic response times, so that downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Warranties – Leasing solutions like Flexi-Lease come with comprehensive warranties to ensure you are protected in case of technical faults and beyond.

Accidental damage cover With Hardsoft it is easy to add accidental damage cover to your PC lease for £1.20 a week.

Resellers with over 30 years’ experience – Hardsoft have a strong relationship with the best PC manufacturers and are able to offer strategic advice when it comes to leasing devices for your staff.