Top 5 best apps for Primary schools

20th January 2018
Students using iPads with "5 star TOP 5" and "Best Apps for Primary Schools" written on the back of them

As soon as they can find their way around a keyboard children are ready to use apps, so why not make them educational? If they love using a tablet then make their screen time productive by getting them learning whilst they play. Primary schools are now realising that this is a wonderful way to keep children occupied whilst making use of easy-to-use apps.
Apps for Schools
But with so many on the market, how do you decide which the best apps are for Primary Schools? Well we have done some of the research for you so take a look at our guide below and get those children apping and tapping!

1. Mr Thorne’s maths universe – Age 5 upwards – Maths

No way will the children find this boring as there are so many games for them to play. Try out ‘Divide and Conquer’, Times Tables Terra’ and ‘Subtraction Galaxy’ along with many more. Created by a school teacher, this app focuses on addition, subtraction, division and times tables and covers Key Stages 1 and 2.

2. DoodleMaths – Age 7 upwards – Maths

Also designed by a teacher, this app can be used for a short time each day and is a fantastic way of boosting numeracy skills. It will assess the user’s skills, including strengths and weaknesses and it takes them through a maths course in an interesting way and at a speed that matches their ability.

3. Percy Parker – Age 4 upwards – Maths (Times Tables)

It has long been known that when children make rhymes or songs out of essential information, they remember it far more easily. This app has taken hold of this method and provides a way for children to sing their times tables. You won’t find any boring old tunes here; instead there are some really fun songs that the children will love and want even more of.

4. Reading eggs – Age 3 upwards – Reading

With this app, children quickly learn to read by getting absorbed in the many games and activities. Motivation is kept at an all-time high by using clever animation, allowing teachers to work with the children and making reading fun. Because it is very easy to follow and self-paced, the children will never feel rushed or that they have to keep up with others.

5. Squeebles spelling test – Age 5 upwards – Spelling

Don’t let your littlest pupils struggle with spelling when this app can enable them to learn whilst they play. Teachers choose which words to put in or they can opt for one of the many pre-set tests which are based upon the National Curriculum in the UK. As the players progress through the game, they start to earn ‘Stars’ by getting involved in a fun game called Squeeberang. Teachers can even record certain words in advance so that children can listen to them before they begin spelling. Each child will also have their very own record of progress, showing statistics with regard to which words they can spell well and those they may be stuck with.
With so many wonderful apps to choose from, Primary School teachers can ensure that their students are interested, motivated and eager to learn. Even better, parents can use the same apps at home to keep the educational program ongoing. To find out more about how HardSoft can help your school lease all the latest IT equipment you need, take a look at our schools page or contact our team on 020 7111 1643.