The new iOS for Education

6th April 2016
Laptop shown with someone's hands on it with their accessories around them

Apple have made some exciting new announcements for iOS 9.3 for all of those using them in education…(You can update in Settings- General- Software Update.)

 This is why you should get updating ASAP!! 

The new classroom app will finally allow teachers to look at any screen in the class and view whaApple Education HardSoftt the student is doing. They will be able to project their students work on to the board to display it (using Apple TV). Open apps, websites and books on their students iPads. If you are using a shared set of iPads rather than a dedicated 1-to-1 scheme then you will now be able to log in to each device with a personal Apple ID. This also means that with a personal ID, students can use any iPad that they are given. They will easily gain access to all of their own apps, books and documents. For the little ones the log in will be a passcode to make the process accessible to them.
The School Apple Manager is a replacement for Apple Configurator, a management portal for all devices and Apple ID’s. All aspects of your iPads can be controlled from one place including app purchasing and setting up new ID’s. It comes with a new setup assistant which will assist with every step of all processes, making it simpler than ever.
This new update is very clever…If the same student logs on to an iPad daily, it will keep their data stored on the iPad. If another student then logs on to that iPad, the previous data will still be stored on the device, assuming that the student who usually uses it will return. The iOS will manage and maintain data ensuring that the process of logging on and off is as seamless as possible. The data that is removed from the device will be popped into the cloud, then will only be downloaded when needed. Apple Manager HardSoft
The students picture is displayed on the teacher device to make sharing and controlling so much easier. Not only can you launch books, websites and apps on your students devices, you can lock them in to an app or lock the device. This will keep your students focused and the teacher can be assured that they are not messing around.The teacher will also have the power to reset the password/ code should the student forget it- as if! Ha. There is no need to wait around for your IT guy to help get you back online. Apple is claiming that these changes will make volume purchases so much simpler with the discount applied automatically and effortless distribution.
iOS 9.3 is going to make the deployment of iPads in schools so much more straightforward, this is what schools have really been waiting for! You can download the Education Deployment Guide from iTunes in to your iBook library to get you started and for future reference.
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