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Schools are constantly under pressure to deliver up to date technology in classes but are on increasingly tightening budgets. With this in mind, how can you justify the spending of precious funds on numerous iPads for your students?

When thinking about what you will use your iPad’s for, there are a multitude of things that the iPad comes with as standard. These can act as a substitute for additional technology. These are a camera, calendar, timer, stopwatch, video recorder, thesaurus, dictionary and notebook to name a few.

Numbers and pagesUsing the free software that can be downloaded on an iPad, you are able to use Pages, Numbers and Keynote for free. These are the Apple equivalent of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows that are chargeable on PC. If you are already using Windows it is also useful to know that the Pages, Numbers and Keynotes can be saved as Word, Excel and PowerPoint so files can be exported to your Windows PC. The Windows files can also be exported on to the iPad and edited in the respective apps.

It cannot be ignored that by having an iPad to hand at all times opens students up to a huge wealth of knowledge. Text- books are often considerably cheaper than buying a hard copy and sometimes free. The benefit of buying on an iPad aside from price is that they often have interactive features and clever note taking tools. A paperless environment is promoted saving workbooks. Apps, such as iTunes U, offer a huge library of courses and content for free and are not available on any other device but Apple. The opportunity for teachers to use the content and learn from it is boundless. Apps such as YouTube act as a portal for people to share ideas through videos and there is a huge market for individuals to pass on information. One example of this is Khan Academy, by adding how tKhan Academy Icono micro-lectures on to YouTube Salman Khan is teaching for free, for everyone, forever. The popularity of YouTube learning is displayed by the fact that that Khan has left his job and now has a huge workforce producing micro lectures. This information is all free. You can also access Podcast, iBooks library of free and shared content and publish your own content to iBooks which can be publically shared.

Free software available on the iPad would often be very costly to buy for PC. For example, Garage Band, music making made easy for everyone. Stop Motion animation, this style of animation is popular in Schools and cameras need to be purchased with software and would require a PC. iMovie, this app is so easy to use and effective when making movies in school. Facetime, creates the opportunity for videoconferencing in the classroom, every pupil has access too. This would be costly and difficult to do in any other circumstance.

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Space is scarce in schools, having a bank of or 1-2-1 iPad scheme gives all students the opportunity to access technology at the touch of a button all of the time. The iPad is also considerable lighter than carrying around a bag full of books. Having information available all of the time is invaluable for students. Interaction between students using iTunes U courses enables collaboration and support outside of the classroom.

A main concern for schools deciding to lease iPads is breakage. That is why at HardSoft we are offering FREE accidental damage cover on all iPads.If you were to have a breakage in your school, you only need to contact us to collect the device, repair and return within 48hrs. We will also offer a replacement device for the time that you are missing it, should you need it. To negate risk we also put all of our iPads in a FREE case for the duration of the lease. We also offer FREE technical support and on delivery will set up and show you how to configure your iPads. Training is also FREE and continued support will be given throughout your lease. Our education team are dedicated to keeping abreast of developments and Apps to keep you up to date with your classroom usage. As a school, you are also applicable to 100% tax relief on your purchase.

At HardSoft we also offer the parent leasing mechanism, this enables parents to make a contribution towards the iPads their child uses. This allows students to bring their devices home at the end of the school day to continue their learning.


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