Take our Survey and get a chance to win your School 5 Apple iPads

16th October 2017
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Funding IT can be challenging these times when faced with increasing IT pressure from parents and educators… HardSoft are a specialist finance provider and are looking to understand more about future issues so we can create new ways and methods to get more IT into the classroom- given constraints of budgets.
Please note we will not contact you by phone/email as a result of you participating in this survey. We will send ‘thank you for participating’ email and a notification of the winning school who has won the iPad Package by 10/12/18.  There is one prize only for five Apple iPads -32GB Gold Wifi only. Each entrant must be from a school and the winner will be verified as bona-fide schools user. iPads can be added into an MDM solution.
All data will be treated confidentially. There is an option at the end of the Survey to get a copy of the collated results.