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Apple iPads are fast becoming a valuable tool within the classroom. Using an iPad opens the door to a wealth of information and enables the user to share their knowledge in a range of ways.

The portability of the iPad means that students no longer have to sit at a computer and presents endless opportunities for teachers and students to create and share knowledge. Through iOS apps schools can deliver a richer learning experience.

Apple is very focused on education, particularly when it comes to the iPad, and offers a huge number of free resources for children, parents and teachers. On the Apple website, you’ll find specialist help with creating content for iPad for use in schools and colleges.

We have put together a quick guide to some of the top FREE Apps currently being used within Schools:

iBooks (comes free with iPad)

This application enables the user to download texts, enabling access to all at any time and place. Many texts have been tailored specifically to be interactive and searchable, making learning more interesting. The functions include highlighting, defining, note taking and underlining. Texts can also be adapted to fit lessons.

Apple iBook example

GarageBand (comes free with iPad)

With this app, students of all ages can create a track quickly and easily which can incorporate a number of instruments and vocals. This app uses loops, basic recording concepts and mixing to make a composer of any user.

Apple Music Software - Garage Band

iTunes U (comes free with iPad)

Offers a wealth of general content, much of which is free can be downloaded and utilised in lessons. With over 750,000 free books, videos and lectures available to study. Teachers can create lessons using audio, video, documents and books which is easily distributed and followed by students using their iPads. Tasks can also be assigned and tracked.

iTunes U Logo

iMovie (comes free with iPad)

This allows you and your students to make your own movies quickly and easily. Videos and pictures can be taken using iPad camera or lifted from the internet and titles and moving text can be added. It has a child-friendly layout, perfect for the classroom.

Dictionary (comes free with iPad)

A portable dictionary with interactive features. Can be used offline in order to search words as well as terms.

Showbie (free from Apple App store)

It’s not just businesses that are striving for a paperless workplace. Schools are too. Showbie lets teachers set and receive coursework and homework using an electronic platform, doing away with the need for handouts and paper. Showbie provides a framework for marking and grading; it can be used alongside thousands of compatible iOS apps for faster and easier turnaround of assignments.

Showbie App screen shot


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